2024 discovery call calibrations [ 2 min 34 sec view time]

Hello all, 2024 will soon be upon us and I commonly hear two things this time of year from sales teams that start their sales process with a discovery call.

First, beginning of the year is when a lot of their prospects make decisions. Second, those that need more discovery calls, don’t typically begin their improvement process till January.

In this short video lets review the gap between those statements that cost you opportunities, and three scenarios of discovery call improvements.

My name is Scott Channell, author of Sell the Meeting, Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting and Finding Ideal Clients.

As soon as the new year hits a lot of buy decisions are made. To maximize your ability to reach those buyers and pull them into your boat, the time to tweak areas such as list priorities, outreach process, scripts, messaging and maybe how you conduct those meetings should start now, not after January first.

Ya I know, busy time of year, but here is the bottom line, if you fail to implement doable improvements in the next few weeks, you will lose out on opportunities, that could have been yours, in early 2024.

Three scenarios.

If you know you need more good meetings, don’t wait for 2024 to start evaluating. By the time you assess, make changes and then practice and perfect those improvements, results don’t hit until February, at best, and you will lose wins on the edges, that those new improvements, would have tilted to you.

If you are getting the meetings you need, congrats, but the selling environment is changing around you. Always be on the lookout for marginal improvements you can make. Start now.

And my last point… if there are too many instances of having great meetings with perfect future clients, but they don’t choose you, remember this. You most impact your closing ratio by what you do or don’t do in the early stages of the relationship.

Any improvements you can make as to how you conduct your early discovery calls will have a disproportionate positive impact on improving your closing ratio.

Do what you can now, start to reap benefits in January.

Good luck.