3 Quick Appointment Setting Sales Scripting Tips

Want to craft 30 second “set the appointment” pitches that are different, impactful and get you the meeting? Try these quick script writing tips.

The new year brings an influx of coaching clients who want to quickly setup a total prospecting system… and crafting the most effective scripts is a PART of that.

Tip # 1:

Make a list of the top 10 accounts you would most like to clone. Also make a list of your 10 most recently closed accounts.

Review each account in detail from initial call to first appointment to close to date. Recall and write down EXACTLY how the prospect/client described their problems, issues and results sought. From closing to date write down the specific changes/benefits within the client organization since they adopted your offering. Describe these changes as specifically as possible.

Be specific, specific, specific. Not “improved sales,” but improved sales

by 22%… by $522,000 monthly… by $210,482 per salesperson. Not “decreased costs,” but, decreased costs per facility by $1.2 milllion… by 33%, etc.

Tip #2:

Discard what is common, boring and non-specific in your current pitches and responses to resistance.

Review your current scripts and responses (you do have them written down, of course) and ruthlessly discard…

A. The word “I,”

B. General non-specific descriptions such as “best,” “leading” or “more.”

C. Anything your competitors would be likely to say.

D. Anything non-specific.

Tip #3:

Incorporate the SPECIFIC BENEFITS your clients obtained with your offering into your new scripts and responses.

These come from the analysis you did with tip #1. Remember, a good 30 second script will do 5 things well. Identify yourself. Describe what you do. Deliver a powerful credibility statement. Describe 3 specific benefits you deliver. Ask for the meeting.

Best wishes for many new sales appointments,

Scott Channell

copyright 2006-2009 scott channell







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