5 Key Right Now Priorities For Sales Teams

The battle for client acquisition has begun.

Those that work effective business growth strategic plans will win. To that sales teams must their sales tactics and behaviors with those strategies, with leveraged focus and action.

The amount of client dislocation coming will be unprecedented.
The unprepared and the weaker (financially, strategically) will see their account base shrink and not be able to compete for ideal accounts with new needs open to new providers.

B2B Cold Call Scripts Sell
Set Qualified Meetings At Top

What to say to meet more active buyers and clone your best accounts.
Don’t let rivals win due to words not said.
Talk to buyers on verge of new vendor choice.
Contact For Options

Here are 5 priorities for sales teams during this pandemic.

  1. Reassess or get a solid strategy in place.
    Strategy is different from goals, tactics, activity. Without a sound strategy defeat is certain.
  2. Be realistic about current situation and what must be achieved.
    Stone cold hard core realistic. Wishful thinkers will be trampled.
  3. Leverage, leverage, leverage, on steroids.
    Time is short, money is tight. Work 80/20 within 80/20 to laser focus resources for biggest bang.
  4. Lesson your weaknesses.
    Gaps in systems, sales behaviors, skill sets that were tolerated in good times are now a ball and chain that will sink you. Plug your gaps.
  5. Identify and interact with your ideal prospects (only)
    ID, know-how and be prepared (content, scripts, process, emails, calls, free pens) to interact with them. If you do not meaningfully interact with them you are doing nothing.

This is the time for the biggest goals of your life if you own a business or are a CEO, VP sales or sales leader.




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