ACT! CRM Software Reviewed by B2B Prospecting Pro and Contact Management Consultant

You are not really in sales if you don’t use a contact manager. If you have crm software but use it as a digital dust collector or don’t use the basics well, you are costing yourself time and a lot of qualified business opportunities.

In this audio interview and summary notes a B2B appointment setting pro that has set more than 2,000 C-level sales appointments and a very experienced contact managment consultant discuss in details why we like ACT! (used to be Sage ACT.)  In their opinion it is the best crm system for individual users and small sales teams.

Want to know what to look for to get results from your contact management tool?
Want to know questions to ask about functionality or final crm software costs?
Being “in the cloud” is all the rage. What are the pros, cons and limitations of online contact management?

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Set Qualified Meetings At Top

What to say to meet more active buyers and clone your best accounts.
Don’t let rivals win due to words not said.
Talk to buyers on verge of new vendor choice.
Contact For Options

Your time is a valuable resource and proper selection of a contact manager can make you or break you.
The right decision can get you going well in about 10 days without a big expense or mire you in complexity and unanticipated  costs.

Listen to the interview between Scott Channell and Kathleen Vanden Broecke of as they discuss the reasons they use and recommend ACT! for contact management. FULL DISCLOSURE: Kathleen and Scott have worked on many projects together and refer business to each other.

Topics covered in the interview:

Begin with the end in mind. How are you going to use the data?

Have the capability to leveraging info gathered during the call process.

Scott likes to stick with the tried and true. Stay away from fresh and new.

Need for proper training in the beginning.

Whats in it for you?

Getting started quickly. Don’t overcompicate things. Lost opportunity cost is much larger than out of pocket cost.

Watch cost escalation.

No need to become an expert in your crm program.

Only need to use a handful of features to really crank.

Using a crm system or a new contact management system is a new habit. Adoption is an issue.

Features important to have in a contact manager.

Ease of use. Many are not easy to use.

How much clicking around do you have to do to make a call with confidence?

is your crm system / contact management software demoralizing your callers?

At a glance all key data should be in your face.

What data fields you might use to sort by as you collect “recon” on your suspects.

Understand what a contact manager can do for you.

Ability to customize the layout.

Fields you can place “in your face.”

Setting up follow-up activities.

Synchronize with your phone.

Management reporting.

Your contact manager is a database. A very valuable asset. In many businesses the most valuable asset.

Amount of calls you can make just because you are organized.

Comparing ACT! to other crm software programs and options.

Online contact management. Cloud options and act crm cloud.

Cautionary tales on entry-level costs that expand quickly.

Customization. Is it available? How expensive is it?

How hard and expensive is it to get your data back if you decide to switch crm systems? How usable is the data in the format you get it back?

If you need to make a modification to your crm system quickly can you do it? Or it it a big drawn out expensive project?

Will you have access to people that can help you affordably?

Clients want easy, wham bam, just want to sell, just want to run their business, not be crm software experts.

Selecting your contact managment advisor is important. Will they support you in implementing your system or will they try to shoehorn you into what they know how to do?

Too often, crm sytems selected with good intensions are too complicated or right training on basic functions is not done, so those expense contact managment systems collect digital dust and sales teams work far below productivity levels that could be.

Scott and Kathleen believe that ACT! is the #1 choice for individuals and small teams. Review and make your own decision.

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