Advisory and Training Services

Most engagements involve these challenges:

Setting more discovery calls: Improving quality, quantity & consistency.
How to conduct those discovery calls: Strengthen the interaction to swell pipelines.
Crafting scripts, Email sequences and workflows. How to better communicate a competitive difference worth exploring.
Improving marketing to interact with more perfect prospects.

This section summarizes my paid services. Sometimes I can modify or combine packages to fit a need. Please inquire if you can’t seem to find a fit.

How to start

Individuals: Look at the online master course ($349) and small group Script Sprints ($597).  The master course and script sprints are convenient low-cost options to improve. Plus, your investment can be credited to a guided mentoring program. If you need more in depth help or are tackling multiple issues consider one of the guided mentoring options ($3850 – $6,250. 

Small teams: Look at the small team group training (Starts at $3,995). Can be combined with a mentoring or follow-up option.

Larger teams: Best option is to contact us. Solution is typically some combination of Premier Team Training, ongoing mentorship, licensing, or event.

Fractional Sales Leadership/Team Coaching. Typically a CEO/owner seeks to launch something new or retool systems and needs temporary experienced guidance or supplemental help. Involves working with sales leadership and team members to create and/or implement new strategies. $3,500 to $12,000 monthly) Contact us to explore.

On-demand training licenses: Choose from How to Sell the Meeting or How to Sell the 2nd meeting: Conducting discovery calls. Involves access to online training for a period of time combined with custom live presentations and ask-me-anything sessions. ($1,995 – $4,995) Contact us.

Events: Look at speaking and training options.


On-demand training licenses: 60-day $1,995 or 1-year $4,995 options

  • Topic A: How to sell more meetings: Scripts, call process, advanced strategies & more
  • Topic B: How to sell the 2nd meeting: Conducting discovery calls to maintain momentum to close.
  • Contact us for info on these options


  • Fees range from $6,000 to $18,000 for a 1–3-hour presentation based on audience, preparation necessary, distance to travel and size of the audience. Revenue sharing is an option.

Guided Mentoring:

Monthly coaching/Fractional sales leadership:

  • $3,500 to $12,000 monthly. Typically a 3-month minimum.
    For companies that need experienced guidance for 3-12 months.
    A supplement to executive team for special projects.
    An independent source of advice for CEO’s and business owners.

Online training and Sprints