Advisory and Training Services...

...refined over 30 years. Helping sales teams to set more discovery calls and conduct those discovery calls for higher conversion.

  • Scripting/sales messaging
  • Email sequences
  • Outreach process
  • Coaching

Before I started teaching this stuff, I did it. Booked more than 2,000 C-suite meetings  by smiling and dialing, before writing my first book on the subject in 2004.

This section summarizes my paid services. Sometimes I can modify or combine packages to fit a need. Please inquire if you can’t seem to find a fit.

Sales script sprint (Popular)

  • Four private sessions. 
  • Punch up scripts and sales messaging.
  • $567 per person. 4-person minimum. 

Guided mentoring

  • One person. 
  • Unlimited access. 3 or 6 months.
  • 6-months $6,250
  • 3-months $3,850

Team training – 1/2 day

  • Onsite or remote
  • 1/2 day equivalent. 4 sessions if remote.
  • Plus 3 sessions implementation coaching.
  • $4,995 first three. $795 each additional participant.

Team training – full day

  • Onsite or remote
  • Full day equivalent. 8 sessions if remote.
  • Plus implementation coaching. 4-month program.
  • 20 participant max.
  • $19,500



  • Fees range from $6,000 to $18,000 for a 1–3-hour presentation based on audience, preparation necessary, distance to travel and size of the audience. Revenue sharing is an option.

Advisory Services:

  • Total Sell The Meeting Reset ($25,000+)
  • New Business Audit ($15,000)
  • Fractional VP services: Interim leadership or project coordination. $4,500 to $12,500 month. 3-month minimum.


  • Crafting scripts & messaging ($4,000)
  • Situation review & roadmapping ($2,500)
  • Conducting discovery calls ($4,000)
  • Script Sprint Public Group $567 per. Offered 2X yearly.
  • Script Sprint Small Group Private Sessions. 4 or more. $567 per. 
  • implementation ($19,500)

Online course and public Script Sprints for individuals

Look at the online master course ($349) and public Script Sprints ($567).  The master course and script sprints are convenient low-cost options for individual reps to improve. Plus, your investment can be credited to a guided mentoring program.