Advisory and Training Services

Most engagements involve these challenges:

Setting more discovery calls: Improving quality, quantity & consistency.
How to conduct those discovery calls: Strengthen the interaction to swell pipelines.
Crafting scripts, Email sequences and workflows. How to better communicate a competitive difference worth exploring.
Improving overall marketing to interact with more perfect prospects.

This section summarizes my paid services. Sometimes I can modify or combine packages to fit a need. Please inquire if you can’t seem to find a fit.



  • Total Sell The Meeting Reset ($25,000+)
  • New Business Audit ($15,000)
  • Fractional VP services: Interim leadership or project coordination. $4,500 to $12,500 month. 3-month minimum.


  • Crafting scripts & messaging ($4,000)
  • Situation review & roadmapping ($2,500)
  • Conducting discovery calls ($4,000)
  • Script Sprint Public Group $567 per. Offered 2X yearly.
  • Script Sprint Small Group Private Sessions. 4 or more. $567 per. 

Team Training

Guided Mentoring options


  • Fees range from $6,000 to $18,000 for a 1–3-hour presentation based on audience, preparation necessary, distance to travel and size of the audience. Revenue sharing is an option.

Online Course and Script Sprints

Look at the online master course ($349) and small group Script Sprints ($567).  The master course and script sprints are convenient low-cost options to improve. Plus, your investment can be credited to a guided mentoring program.