Appointment Setting C-Level Newbie Reveals 7 Lessons for Call Success

We learn lead generation/appointment setting best from the mouths of those actually doing it.

Learn 7 lessons from an overseas coaching client that had never sold before. He started by “*#$*ting my pants,” (his words), and ended up setting two appointments in his first two hours. Not typical, but not that unusual.

Review the 7 lessons and his emails that reveal the lessons.

The 7 lessons…

1. You can be *#$*ing your pants and still get a meeting.

This coaching client is calling monster sized companies at the C-Level. It is normal when you start to be hesitant, even scared a bit. But as he said, because he felt better organized and was working down a prioritized list he started to make calls he had been putting off for 6 months.

2. Being prepared and having a good script works.

Sorry to all of you that refuse to prepare the best words to use and practice them… but I think you are nuts. In this case it was the guys first day of calling and because he was prepared with great words that communicated credibility and value he was able to stumble through it and still got the meeting.

3. Value trumps everything.

In all my classes I teach that if you are communicating value, even if your delivery is imperfect, buyers will still respond to you. Don’t get hung up on perfect delivery in the beginning. That comes with practice and experience.
Make sure your words slay them with value. You will still win.

4. Nothing makes you feel comfortable like a little success.

You get over your anxiety about calling by calling. If you do it right the odds are that fairly shortly you will have success and that will make you feel better about your calling process. These first few hours results were atypical but not uncommon. Do the right things, at the right targets, with the right message and good things happen.

5. Get closer to a conversation and a meeting with every call.

Got the security guard and was prepared to ask for what would get him closer to a meeting. His decison-maker’s direct dial number. He was ready. He asked. He got.

6. Nonchalance works.

Being nonchalant, low pressure and borderline non-caring gets you a lot of useful info. In this he got the cell phone number of a very top dog. My guess? If he had come off as Joe Slick or used 30 words when 5 would do, he would not have got that cell phone number.

7. You have to know when to leave a message and when not to.

The first dial is definitely not a time to leave a voicemail message. In this case the top dog dialed a “missed call” on his cell to find out who called. If my client had left a voicemail message at that time the odds are he would not have got a callback and no meeting.

8. A little something extra.

Your math is important. This client is selling very sophisticated high-ticket management consulting projects. In this industry it is typical to sell a smaller first-stage project (Still a huge deal,) then a much larger long term project. It might take 5-7 meetings to get a first-stage exploration project. Typically 33%-50% of these exploration projects turn into full blown management consulting projects. It’s big money. If you can get in the door you can earn it.

The Emails…

1st Email from Coaching Client

“…By the way – despite all my bravado I am *#$*ting (lesson 1) my pants on this side, took me until 3:00 today to muster enough courage to start calling and that despite having 56 specific names to call. Will let you know how it goes.”

2nd Email, end of day.

Email subject line: 13 dials, 2 connects and 2 meetings scheduled

“… I am now better organized and working down a calling list I finally made the call which I had on my to do list for the last 6 months so I credit your approach with this meeting.

2nd connect was an interesting one, when I called the company the switchboard was already closed (lesson 5) (yes _______ companies shut down at HQs at 4:00), the security guard that was manning the phone – nonchalantly (lesson 6) asked him for the guy’s direct number and he gave me the guy’s mobile number which is even better – I dialed his mobile, no answer, did not leave a message, (lesson 7) he called back an hour later (my number showed up as a missed call on his phone so he called), I was caught off guard as I did not recognize his number so I asked “who is this”, of course when he identified himself I had to scramble to pull myself together, fortunately I rehearsed the script (lesson 2) at least 10 times today and I managed to pull off a half decent version, when I asked “would you have time in the next 2 weeks” he thought for a second and the said “am sure we can, please phone my PA on the following number tomorrow morning as I am traveling at the moment and ask her to find us a slot, I will also call her and tell her to expect your call”, hopefully it is not his way to “blow me off” but I know he has desperate need for our services so I think it is one of those 60% you talk about choosing the right targets and if he has a need no matter how poor your delivery (lesson 6) as long as the script is right you will get the meeting.

Anyway – felt good to deliver the script and get over the anxiety, will let you know how it goes

Thanks for your coaching so far

Fran G.”

p.s. Heard from this client about 9 months later. He continued his appointment success and ended up selling many of the appointments he set for a very high income. He related that if he hadn’t taken the time to learn how to get the meetings, he never would have had learned to sell them and have such a high income.







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