Appointment Setting Fulcrum. Before the script…

Every job has its aggravations.

With me it’s the frustration felt when people call up and say “I just need a script.”

It’s frustrating because in terms of getting the results they seek, a “good script” should not be the first thing on people’s minds. When scripts are focused on first, prerequisites to having a total lead generation system that will last, get ignored and more often than not, initiatives fail.

What particularly drives me crazy is that the prerequisites, that have far more lasting impact on results, literally take just a few hours to get done right. Without them, good scripting is meaningless.

All too often when someone approaches me for scripts they are often looking for magic words on paper than will get them qualified leads. I need an “employee benefits” script, a “wealth management” script or a “fill in the blank consulting” script. Ahhhhh, nooooooo you don’t.

You need to do the things that create a solid foundation for a lead generation system that can be sustained. Crafting words that communicate your value is part of that overall system. Just part of it.

A few quick questions follow the “I just need a script statement.”

Do use a contact manager or CRM?
Describe your buyer profile.
What are you offering?
What will your process of interaction with top prospects be?

All too often people are calling inefficiently and not segmenting as they go, are guessing (incorrectly) who their best buyers are and get the mumbles when describing what they sell.

The best script in the world isn’t going to help you if that is your scenario.

Appointment setting is a game of organization, precision and value communication. In that order.

If you can’t move methodically through a group of tightly defined high probability suspects, sorting by worth as you go, what you say isn’t going to matter much. You won’t be reaching many decision-makers. You won’t be able to sustain your efforts.

The difference between making less than $50,000 and more than $100,000 start with organization and focus. Before you even get to the “what you say” part a solid foundation is necessary.

That foundation is like a fulcrum that you will leverage for power. With a fulcrum. You exert a little pressure and you get disproportionate power and results. Without the fulcrum you can work very very hard and still nothing moves.

it is frustrating to know that capable talented hard working people are investing the time to generate leads, yet that time will get them little. If they peeled off just a fraction of that wasted time into building their fulcrum, all their efforts in the future would generate more results.

It takes just a few hours to build an accurate profile of your highest probability buyers. With mini-effort you can make sure all efforts is invested with those most likely to buy. Kiss goodbye sloshing through sludge with phone call after phone call looking for a diamond in the rough. Replace that with knowing that every call you make is to your highest probability targets. Two hours.

As to organization for a few hundred dollars or less you have a choice of contact management/crm tools that in the short run easily doubles or triples your productivity – I’m not kidding. On top of that using the proper tools enables you to use advanced calling strategies and information gathered in your first round of calling that elevates your lead generation results to another level.

Without using a contact manager/crm you are doomed to hamster in the wheel land running around crazy getting nowhere. You think you are doing something but you are not.

Once you have your buyer profile and your contact manager the call process that works has already been invented. Many people set appointments with buyers consistently and the how to call steps are not that difficult. Have the discipline to do it is the challenge. The what to do is not the problem.

Once you have your buyer profile, your contact manager and your call process, now you are ready for your scripting. Your value messaging.

It takes easily less than 10 hours to build your fulcrum. Think of the dozens, hundreds of hours you have spent with low level lousy leads because it is so difficult for you to generate better ones. Think of all the time you spend banging your head against the wall to nebulous targets in an unorganized manner working very inefficiently.

Trade less than 10 hours of time in the land of the lost for a future or organized focused lead generation activity.