B2B appointment setting truth: Don’t try to convince anybody of anything

Want to succeed at B2B appointment setting?

Learn to control what you can control.
Do not try to convince anybody of anything.
Do not be perceived as a beggar or appear desperate to set a discovery call.

To be successful you need to have the mindset of a lead generator. A qualified lead generator.

Qualified leads are those that recognize a need you can help them with, clearly understand what you offer, and believe that you are credible and worth additional time to explore.

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The words you choose to use in your sales script, and your delivery of those words, literally make desired future accounts choke on the words “I’m all set,” because you appear to be an exception to the cold callers that mostly waste their time mumbling weak words that leave them wondering what they do and whether they might be worthwhile.

They won’t stick around trying to find out so they say “We are all set” and bounce.

The best tactic to get an appointment set

Don’t try to convince.
Clearly communicate what you do, your value, credibility and what they might learn from you if they agree to a discovery call.

When you try to convince a sales prospect of your worth, you are pushing them. Skilled appointment setters who earn a high-income have learned that pushing doesn’t work, as top decision makers have no issue pushing back or hanging up. Buh-bye.

Trying to convince is a strategic error that shapes who you contact, what you say, your phone and sales scripts, your process of appointment setting, your follow-up system and your sales costs … and not for the better.

Here’s the philosophy for more qualified lead generation.

Assuming you pick the right group of targets, a certain percentage of that audience wants what you are offering. They already buy but want something different or better. Or they seek it for the first time.

Your discovery call challenge is much more about clearing out the crap between their existing desire to buy — and your offering.

You are not trying to implant something that is not already there on some level. Nor are you trying to convince them of anything.

Your appointment setting objective is much more about enabling those who have a need that you can fill to see that you are a credible benefit-laden option worth exploring. That’s it.

I have been listening and watching inside sales reps interact with suspects and place a burden on themselves to convince people of their worth. Big mistake.

If this is your mindset, you tend to sell too hard, sell too early and push push push — and your targets push back, so you push harder… until the cycle implodes, and you get frustrated and start muttering things like “cold calling is dead,” “no one picks up the phone anymore, it’s all voicemail” or other nonsense.

Plus, when you seek to convince people of your worth, too many people who will never buy enter your sales pipeline… eating up time, you could be spending on better quality prospects.

But, if your mindset is … the people who want to buy are out there, all I have to do is bump into them and deliver a message which makes it easy and comfortable for them to identify themselves… you take a different approach.

Write an appointment setting script that does not try to convince

You put your best foot forward. Your message is short, clear, concise and communicates credibility, three significant benefits you deliver and exactly what you want.

They say “yes” or “no.” (Maybes are not permitted.) If they say “no,” so what?

You can make it worth being an appointment setter

If you are not getting the results you seek, instead of trying to implant something or convince somebody of something that does not already exist within them on some level… change your mindset and do 3 things.

  1. Refocus your message. Ask yourself, what words, what scripts, what script paths (initial pitch, responses to resistance, voicemails, etc.) would enable somebody who has a need I could fulfill to identify themselves? You want active buyers to raise their hand out of the crowd.
  2. Focus on efficiency. Get organized. Work an overall effect process of appointment setting. Generate more conversations with quality targets for the time you invest in prospecting. A great message delivered to too few people isn’t going to help you. Nor will a great message help you if the unqualified, the tire-kickers, the bargain hunters and low-volume price sensitive buyers hear it.
  3. Be good at every step and don’t skip steps. Sell the meeting only. Do not try to sell your offering. Do not try to convince anybody of anything. Sell the meeting, then they can decide.


Sell a greater number of more qualified meetings with active buyers and you will close more great accounts.
Try to sell your offering too early, you will sell fewer meetings.

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