B2B Appointment Setting Process
Need Improvement?

Review 3-Step Process To Start Meeting More Active Buyers
Seeking New Vendor Options.

There are three main suspects for lack of appointment setting results.
Learn what they are and how to evaluate them.

Before I wrote 3 books on the topic of b2b appointment setting I smiled and dialed my way to setting more than 2,000 C-Level appointments in very diverse industries.

When I was calling and my efforts or the efforts of the team I was working with were not successful, there was a 3-step checklist I used to diagnose the problem and know what to fix.

In this report, I share those 3 steps. These are the same 3 steps I use today to get calling campaigns productive again.

To get things right there is a particular order you must work the steps.

Also, you must be willing to be objective and challenge your thinking. Obviously, if you or your team are working hard and getting too few results, something you believed to be acceptable, is very much not acceptable and needs to be tweaked, punched up, changed, reworked or totally redone.

A lot of people and teams set appointments and discovery calls effectively and as a result, they are there when active buyers are ready to take action.

Many times, the issues relate to organization and structure.

Don't let competitors get accounts that could have been yours.

This report will give you insights as to how you or your team can start settingĀ  more qualified meetings at the top.