I have written five books. All available on Amazon.

The first was my effort to make the transition from hard working calling guy, booking meetings for companies across New England to reaching a national audience. That first book, Setting Sales Appointments, was based upon what I learned booking more than 2,000 sales appointments in diverse industries. It was published in 2004 and sold more than 7,000 copies in the days when independent publishers had to physically mail their books to Amazon.

The second book, 7 Steps to Sales Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting, was published in 2013. This focused strictly on the scripting component of a B2B outreach system.

The third book, my magnum opus, Sell the Meeting, is my updated and complete guide to how to sell a meeting. Not your service or offering, but a meeting. Published in 2019 it has garnered more than 160 real reviews on Amazon. At 92,000 words It is not a casual read but if you want to dig deep into the process this is the book for you.

In 2022 I published a book about marketing strategy in general, Finding Ideal Clients.  It is my firm belief that companies make too many poor marketing bets and leave a lot of money on the table because they don’t understand the basic marketing principles that drive success. This book was an attempt to right that wrong.

The fifth book was published June 2023. It was meant as a replacement for the 2013 script book. It also updated and expanded the script material in the Sell the Meeting book. It is entitled Powerful Sales Scripts Sell The Meeting