B2B Cold Email Sequences for Lead Generation

First, a confession. I never thought I would use cold email for lead generation. But I did, somewhat slowly and reluctantly, and in the first-year generated revenue well into six figures from those cold email leads for an out-of-pocket cost of less than $2,500. I’m going to share with you some of the top lessons […]

Appointment Setting: The “Big Ticket” Prospecting Difference

FIVE REALITIES OF CLOSING MONSTER ACCOUNTS. Everybody loves to sell new accounts, particularly those of the high revenue, high volume and high profit variety. Your approach to prospecting for the “big ticket” sale has to be organized around five realities in order to maximize the chance to close more guerrilla deals. REALITY #1: THE ODDS […]

Appointment Setting Truth: Convince Nobody About Nothing

Why A Prospecting Mindset That Seeks To Convince Nobody About Nothing – Will Yield You The Most Hot Prospects Ready To Buy. Do your sales and prospecting efforts seek to convince someone of your worth? If so, that strategic error is shaping who you contact, what you say, your prospecting process, your follow-up system and […]

How to win more close sales decisions at closing time

Trainee who doesn’t use scripts as she wants to have a natural conversation and not appear salesy tell me a story. Great high-value prospect takes a meeting as the current rep is AWOL, hard to reach and communication is poor. So non-salesy rep and her boss wine and dine (her words) multiple times over the […]

Tell your prospects where to go

Consultative sales rep or order taker? Do you have a point of view? Or are you a trained seal, trying to please every moment to get what you want? In major sales situations, prospects respect and pay attention to those that have a point of view and communicate it. If you are not willing to […]

Cold Calling Riches… Sons of Niches Become Profit Faucet

There are riches in niches. When you are cold call prospecting, the biggest riches are often in the of niches. You can boil down using the phone to prospect and set appointments as a giant sorting process.  You constantly shuffle the deck of your suspect lead list by criteria such as who is buying, who […]

Master Core Sales Script Paths Before Preparing for The Lunatic Fringe

Need help getting new BDR’s confident on the phone and using the best scripting? This article offers you a key tip to get BDR’s productive asap and minimize new rep turnover. Common sense tells us your team will not respond well to less common situations unless they first master the most common situations Master your […]

Cold Calling Constraints Spur Creativity

Voicemail. Voicemail. Endless Voicemail. Gatekeeper roadblocks.. No one has time. Few pick up. Fewer agree to meet. Put off’s are plentiful. These are the constraints of prospecting that frustrate most. These are the constraints that most seek to break free of. Most get demoralized and beaten up trying to break free of these limitations. Let […]

The “Too Salesy” Sales Script Trap Costs You.

When you try to be everything to everybody you are nothing to everybody. When you try to call everybody nobody listens. “My manager doesn’t believe in scripts” said a smart hard working rep getting too few results to me recently. “You mean your manager doesn’t believe in preparation or planning and organizing the best words […]