13 Tips to Improve the Quality of the Prospecting Sales Scripts you Use

1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says “Whoa, maybe I should listen to this.” Once those seconds have ticked away, and your prospect’s brain thinks “waste of time,” your odds of success plummet, no matter how good you are or how much you might help them. […]

7 Self-Sabotaging Sales Script Choices

When you get decision-makers on the phone, are you interrupted, cut-off, hung up on or quickly hear “We are all set”, “Send me some info” or something else that represents phone frustration. The truth is that many times YOU are the cause of those problems. Yes, YOU!! You choose words and a script structure that […]

50 Shades of “Not Interested.” A Sales Rebuttal Objection Strategy.

Funny story. Newbie in training relates a call in which the decision-maker replied “not interested.” Get this. The newbie actually thought that meant they were “not interested.” Hilarious. Newbie reps, they are so innocent. When your prospect says “not interested.” The least likely reality of this blow off is that your decision-maker is actually “not […]

These Two Phone Scripts are Real and They’re Spectacular

Your “Set the Meeting” Script: Two Sample Scripts with Variations. Consider this. You launch your call process with many decision-makers by making the first call to get the name or if you are confident you know the name, making the first call to try to get them to pick up. Your objective is to obtain […]

Door to Door Sales Scripts 911 Rescue. “Sell Now or Die.”

Door to door sales challenged? Door to doorers take heed of this true tale of cold calling on front steps success. Mark from TX creates 6-figure income knocking on doors with new door-to-door sales scripts and techniques.The 911 call… the 5 step turnaround… the effective opening pitch and sales strategies. Could you engineer a similar […]

5 Key Right Now Priorities For Sales Teams

The battle for client acquisition has begun. Those that work effective business growth strategic plans will win. To that sales teams must their sales tactics and behaviors with those strategies, with leveraged focus and action. The amount of client dislocation coming will be unprecedented. The unprepared and the weaker (financially, strategically) will see their account […]

Coming Sales Shakeout: Will You Rise or Regret?

If you own a company, or are a CEO or sales leader, this is a moment of truth. What you do or don’t do NOW, will largely determine where your company or sales team sinks or swims during (and after) this recession. What to do? What are the differences between companies that did not survive, […]

Sales Contrarian: Time for Biggest Goals Is Now. Don’t Settle for Survival.

This is very contrarian given the times, but I really believe it. If you are in business, this is the time to have the biggest goals of your life. Why do I say that when so many are staring at disaster? Wondering if they will barely survive? Because major disruption of client relationships is happening […]

Sales Survivor or Casualty: 2 Things Will Decide

“You don’t want to realize economic recovery has begun by seeing competitors’ close clients that should have been yours” Scott Channell There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not another train. Next few months will be super rough. Companies need to survive the present but be ready for the recovery. […]