Your B2B Appointment Setting Lead Generation “But’s” are Killing Your Results

Nothing quickens the heart… and stimulates sales, better than a flurry of meetings with qualified prospects. There is no greater torture than to stare at an empty calendar with the belief that making a call or sending yet another email is the equivalent of waterboarding yourself. How do people turn it around? When you are […]

Sales Slowdown: Lessons of the Leaky Bucket

If you are like many (and being honest with yourself,) there are parts of your selling machine that are less than OK. Maybe your scripting is weak, your crm/contact manager is outdated or poorly setup, maybe your list is aged or not well prioritized. Your people could use some training. Bottom line is business has […]

How A Farmer Turned IT CEO Thrived in Recession

How does a business not only survive, but thrive, in times of economic crisis? Here is one story that illustrates how to move forward. Had a client with 25+ outside sales reps and a 5 member inside team. This CEO was a farmer before he was an IT CEO. He told me a story about […]

Sales Objectives vs Strategy vs Tactics: What’s The Difference? Why It Matters.

What is your sales team objective? Strategy? Tactics? Do you know the difference between the three and does it matter? Yes, because without clear objectives and the right strategy, sales leaders focus on tactics. When that happens, you lose focus. You do not get the results or all the accounts that should have been yours. […]

Common Causes of B2B Appointment Setting Failure

A potential client asked, “What are some of the reasons that projects don’t work out?” Great question. Knowing what to avoid greatly increases the odds of success. Here is my list of factors that can kill your improvement efforts for b2b appointment setting. 1. Define worthwhile prospects too broadly. Everyone thinks, “that’s not me.” The […]

Laser Focus On Economic Buyers. Throw Everyone Else Down The Stairs

Setting appointments and discovery calls is about ultimately closing sales. Your prospecting efforts are one part of an overall process that generates new business cost-effectively. People who have no needs, no money or no time will be annoyed and bothered regardless of what you do. Their feelings are irrelevant. Your objective – your sole objective […]

Crafting Your Prospecting Sales Scripts: Key Issues In First 3 & 30 Seconds

Fact. People think 10X faster than you can talk. That means while you are yapping, they have time to think, ponder, evaluate, doubt, disagree, and form judgments about what you are saying. If you give them things to think about or doubt, guess what? Their minds will be thinking or doubting and not focusing on […]

Researching Before Your Appointment Setting Call. Worth it or Waste of Time?

When seeking to set a sales appointment or discovery call, should you research a company before you call or send an email? Let’s answer that question 3 ways. Now you may be thinking, well, uh, scott, isn’t it a good idea to research a company a bit so that you can communicate that you […]

4 Ways To Fall Short Of Sales Potential in 2020

Some salespeople have a mental disorder called BSNT or Bright Shiny New Thing Syndrome. Over and over again, the lure of something “new” that will bring sales riches is tried until it disappoints and is replaced by another new thing. You can lurch from one “things are different today” revelation to another, discover yet another […]