Live Public Workshop Presented By Scott Channell
Boston. Monday. March 16, 2020.


You may need more meetings and not know where to start. Maybe you have maxed out your personal contacts and network and need to reach new targets. Or, your team needs to reset and improve productivity. This course will help.

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A B2B Appointment Setting Process Built On Reality
and Basic Common Sense Sales, Marketing and Communication Principles

The biggest quantum leaps I see come from consistent implementation of very basic marketing principles. Not from some high tech tool, not from a new gizmo or the latest strategy of the month. But from working upon a solid foundation of marketing and sales principles so that you can work through a highly qualified group very efficiently and "bump" into more and more people at the right time.

The idea is to work a system so that you "bump" into more decision-makers at the right time... and then don't screw it up when you do. Have something worthwhile to say so that a buyer can conclude "They are worth some time, even if I don't end up working with them."

Hardest part about sales? Accepting reality. What works, works. When I started, if I had done what I wanted to do, what I was comfortable with, what everyone else was doing... no way I would have set 2,000+ C-Level meetings in diverse industries.
Technology has changed, competitive environments have changed, access to information has changed. But the drivers of appointment setting success have not changed.

Something else that hasn't changed? The common mistakes sales teams and reps make when seeking to set qualified appointments. Success may not be guaranteed when you pick up the phone but failure can be. This course will teach you what do do for results and the common pitfalls to avoid that doom your efforts from the start.

In this course you will gain a solid understanding of how to launch a program from a solid foundation and all the component parts you need. List. CRM/contact manager/contact process/messaging/follow-up.

Walk Away with a Blueprint for Lead Generation Success
Clone Your Best Accounts. Meet at the Top to Compete (and win) your Competitors Best Accounts

Your instructor set 2,000 C-Level meetings before authoring two books on the topic and working with sales teams. (Search "Scott Channell" on Amazon.) A different process was used to earn that result.

All the strategies to have create and manage an outreach program that consistently delivers high level qualified meetings that convert - the time tested and proven. The newest strategies, the script structures, latest tools and technology.

The process may not be a fit for you. Review the details here or contact us.


  • Total B2B Appointment Setting System.
  • Leverage points for success.
  • Crafting sales scripts that sell.
  • Communicate value & Credibility.
  • Keys to proper coaching oversight.
  • Communicate your value with impact quickly.
  • Craft great scripts: Voicmail, objection response, Identify the decision-makers, set the appointment, objections, gatekeepers.
  • How to handle gatekeepers and other vermin.
  • Proper place, format and use of Email.
  • Where cold Emailing might fit in.
  • How to identify those that will buy from a competitor in 6 to 12 months but say “no” to you now.
  • Work a total process and not just cold call. (If you equate this to “cold calling” you really need to take this course.)
  • How to consistently follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
  • Communicate credibility effectively. (One of the biggest mistakes I see. Many companies ooze hard earned credibility, yet approach suspects with messaging similar to someone working from their parents basement.)
  • Automate consistent “touches.”
  • Lower your per opportunity costs.
  • Implement this system and feel less pressure to pursue a low-margin account.
  • Generate qualified opportunities consistently.
  • Typically increase closing ratio 20%.
  • Inject yourself among high-profit high-probability prospects.
  • Engineer it so that they call you when they have a need.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Let your competitors chase the less desirable accounts.
  • Establish more relationships with referral sources.
  • Get back inside and reactivate dormant accounts.
  • Time management techniques for prospecting when you have other responsibilities.
  • Be confident in calling.
  • Overcome call reluctance.
  • Phone and telemarketing scripts that work.
  • Speak to the right people who have a need you can fill at the right time.
  • Qualified leads generated at a reasonable cost relative to closing ratios, average sale size and margins.
  • You get a blueprint of what to do to get more qualified sales appointments and manage an effective lead generation process.



    The #1 reason people don’t meet with you – solved.
    Overcoming gravity and group think.
    The Rule of 7.


    CRM options, custom fields, coding
    Advanced Email tools
    Know how to leverage the latest technology to get the tactical things done


    Communicating value & credibility
    Articulating benefits, differentiation and valid business reasons why someone should invest
    time with you.
    Templates and model formats, examples.
    Objections, gatekeepers, voicemails. More.
    Script templates to strategize value statements.
    Call back scripts.
    Sound conversational.
    Catchy phrases and ear candy to instill desire.


    Difference between selling services vs product sales.
    What to do when you have a limited list of leads for a vertical.
    How to get to real decision-maker when dealing with underlings.
    What to do when titles don’t reflect functional roles and responsibilities.
    What to do if you have a new business.


    When to call and how often. When to stop, keep calling.
    Get value from no’s and unreachable’s.
    Get more real decision-makers to pick up the phone. Convert more of those conversations to substantive next-steps on path to a close. More.
    Get to the real decision-maker.
    Get past the gatekeeper.


    Easy follow-up methods
    Automating your touches
    Engineer it so that they call you when they have a need. More.


    Scripts, responses to objections, ear candy, piles of words, credibility statements, benefits.
    Emails, faxes (laugh at your peril), letters.
    Script paths. Call process steps. More.


    This is 60% of the reason you succeed. Get this right.
    Free and paid for sources
    Profiling process to select best targets. More.


Format & location: Metro Meeting Centers, 101 Federal Street, 4th Flr, Boston MA 02110. Seminar presented by Scott Channell. Directions to Metro Meeting Center.

Date & Time: Monday. March 16, 2020. Registration begins at 8 am. 8:30-12 / 1-4:30. Lunch provided.

Action guide & books: You will be provided an action guide summarizing all the key points with implementation guidance and samples. You will use this guide to document your process. You will also receive a hard copy of Scott's two books on this topic. (If you register within 10 days of the event you will receive your books at the workshop.)

Investment: $695 for one. Discounts for multiple enrollments.

Coaching Combo's: Personal coaching and group guidance is available with seminar at special rates. Please contact us.

Guarantee: If by noon you are dissatisfied for any reason or less than 100% confident that this is for you, notify the assistant and turn in your materials. You will receive a prompt courteous 100% refund - no questions asked.


Is there any personal coaching involved? +

Seminar attendance does not include personal coaching. Coaching and follow-up guidance is available for teams and individuals with several "Seminar Combo Packs." Contact us for info.

What is the cost? +

$695 for one enrollee to attend the seminar. Discounts are available for multiple enrollees from the same company. Contact us for details.

Is there a guarantee of satisfaction? +

Yes. If by noon you are not totally 100% sure this is for you, simply let us know and turn in your materials for a 100% refund. No questions asked.

What if I need to cancel? +

You can cancel up to 8 days prior to event without penalty. If you cancel 7 days or fewer you can apply your fee to another event, coaching or substitute another attendee.

What materials are provided. +

There is a pretty extensive guidebook outlining the steps and providing the details you need. You also get copies of Scott’s books.

Can this be combined with any other coaching program? +

Yes. If you wish additional follow-up guidance 50% of your seminar investment can be applied to any intervention costing $1500 or more. Example: Pay $695 to attend an event. You could apply 50% of that toward the 90-day unlimited access coaching program.

What Do Sales Managers and Reps in the Pit Say About These Strategies?

Have you ever tried to create sales scipts for your sales team? No matter what you do, it's never the right word choice for everyone. If you create 5 phone scripts, they want a 6th. If you created 100, they'd want 101. Scott knows this.
Scott doesn't give you the magic bullet phone script. Instead, he gives you a step by step process to create a winning script that fits you! It doesn't matter what industry you're in because he's proved this system works across all industries. It doesn't matter if you are cold calling or calling warm leads, his system works for that too.
This book is great for anyone who makes calls for a living or develops scripts for those that do. I happen to be the latter and will be replacing our phone script system at our 150 year old, Fortune 250 company, with a system developed based on this book for our 3600+ sales force.

- Sr. Sales Trainer Amazon Review

So, i'm a sales director and I like to think I am pretty good at doing sales. That's when I am with the customer. The big issue for me is to get at the table with the customer. So, I need to become friends with my phone. The good thing about this book is this: it is very straight forward and does not leave any room for discussion: you need to call, call, call. Don't waste time on to much research for the first step in your salescycle. You are not selling your product there, you try to get an appointment. I used his script to identify the maker today for the first time. I called for one hour, got 15 names, including email. 3 companies didn't want to share their CMO's name (how can a company like that exist?) so I used Linkedin for that. I got no direct phone numbers although I used the scripts way of asking it. But as it was the case with all 15 companies, it wasn't the script that was wrong, it is how things go with these kind of customers. Anyways, I am happy with the book. Thanks Scott!

- Amazon review

I bought this book five years ago when I was making a career transition, and it is the most important investment that I ever made. My target market was bank CEO's, which is not an easy market to cold call. Nevertheless, by following the techniques that were outlined in this book, the business has grown to over 280 clients. I will be forever grateful for Scott for his ideas, and I highly recommend others to try these methods!

- Amazon review

We are a Commercial Office Interiors provider that believes 100% in cold calling to set appointments with C level executives to sell our products and services to. Our industry is one of the hardest to cold call in, using Scott's script paths and 'piles of words' methodology we have increased our appointment setting ratio over 100%. We have since done one on one coaching with Scott and are reaping huge rewards from it. Scott Channell is a straight shooting, no nonsense coach.

Bottom line is; if you are looking to set more appointments with better people this is a very cost effective place to start.

- Brent Warrilow

As a 15+ year veteran of both selling & reading sales books to improve my skills, I generally don't expect too much from new sales titles. I have learned to avoid the cheerleader, motivational stuff and focus on the focused 'how to' books. And with those how to books, I am happy if I can get 4-5 highlights from the book for further thought/review/application.
This book is about 1/3 highlighted. It was AMAZING.
I don't want to sound trite, but this & Scott Channell's other title have completely changed both my view & approach on prospecting. And yes, that change is DEFINITELY for the better.

I cannot recommend this & his other title enough for any sales professional who is looking to improve their prospecting skills.

- Christian Phillips Amazon Review

Hey Scott, I love the book and online course. I have changed my scripts and in the last 10 days have secured 8 awesome appointments with decision makers that work for companies that have sales in excess of $40,000,000/year. The best part is that I converted 2 prospects this week into buyers, with live purchase orders exceeding $11,000. These two new clients have a minimum potential of $250,000/yr. Mind you I have been working these two prospects hard for the last 6 months. However, my new process/script delivery made the difference. My confidence level is getting better every time I make a call, leave a voicemail or talk to a live person.

- Bruce Demoranville


If by noon you are dissatisfied for any reason or less than 100% confident that this is for you, notify the assistant and turn in your materials. You will receive a prompt courteous 100% refund – no questions asked.


Private customized team training with materials and follow-up options. Onsite or virtual.



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