In B2B Appointment Setting… “More Calls” is Rarely the Real Issue

Prospecting for sales appointments. It’s all about making enough calls. A “numbers game”, right? Well…

If you believe that, here’s a phrase to memorize. “Can I supersize that for you”? You may need it when you wash out of sales. Which you are destined to do.

Activity alone, no matter how frenzied, will ever replace the need for planning, analysis, and thoughtful action to achieve sustained sales prospecting results.

The answer to obtaining more sales appointments quickly is rarely as sample as “make more calls”.

1. You must make calls.

2. Calls to the right “profile” of prospect.

3. You must have conversations with your targets.

4. These conversations must result in an agreed upon date and time to meet.

Within the four stages above exist a number of sub-issues, any of which mishandled, can doom a sales prospecting effort to failure.

You have to think. You have to make judgments. You have to engage. You have to be sharp. You have to be quick.

Fun fact: Those most successful at gaining access to top decision makers at desired accounts actually make fewer calls.

How can that be?

1. More of their calls result in conversations with their targets. They know how to make this happen.

2. More of their conversations result in an agreement to meet. They know how to open a conversation, respond to resistance, ask for the appointment.

Those who excel at gaining access have broken down the sales prospecting process into distinct steps. With thought, planning and practice, they have become skilled in each step.

They get more access to top decision-makers. They get more chances to make major sales.

So, if you or some members of your team need improved sales prospecting results, don’t just “smile and dial”. Invest a small fraction of your wasted time into learning the steps and becoming good at each one.

Best wishes for prospecting success,
Scott Channell