Do You Need A B2B Appointment Setter or Agency To Book
Face-To-Face Meetings Or Discovery Calls For You?
If So, I Have A Short List I Can Share With You.

Plus Some Other Tool Suggestions To Help You
Improve The Quantity And Quality Of Your Appointment Setting Efforts.

Need an appointment setter?

Or looking for an agency or 3rd party to make cold calls or manage an outreach process to generate qualified leads for you?

I have a short list of individuals/companies that may be a fit for you and worth checking out. Along with some other resource suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of sales appointments set.

Required legal notice: Some of the resources below might compensate me if you buy from them. Consider this in evaluating these suggestions. Do your own due diligence before making any choice.

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B2B Appointment Setting Services: Agencies and Individuals

Over the years I have worked with or had clients use agencies or individuals to set sales appointments that I personally think highly of and could strongly suggest you check out. They have different strengths, pricing and programs. If you wish to review some suggestions please fill out form.


CRM/Contact Manager

I have used ACT! to manage my contacts and prospecting for more than 15 years and think it is a solid chocie for small teams. Before that I used Goldmine for a very long time. ACT! recently upgraded it’s email tool and I can now manage all my emailing for clients, prospects and cold suspects all out of my ACT!. Really like it. I also could suggest you look at Pipedrive as a CRM. It is important that, among other things, you have the ability to create custom fields, design your own layout and search by multiple criteria.

If you wish to check out ACT!, fill in the form and I will send you the name of my ACT! consultant that I can strongly recommend.


To Identify Decison-Makers Within Target Accounts

Linkedin Sales Navigator. Cannot imagine an appointment setter not using this tool. Great at enabling you to zero in on certain titles, authority levels and keywords in profiles. There are a lot of great data sources out there but this tool I would consider a must have alongside any other source you use.


Tools To Find Email Addresses Of Prospects

Suggest you look at and integrates with Linkedin Sales Navigator and makes it very easy to obtain email addresses of individuals or by groups. I start with and my experience is that I get an email better than 65% of the time and they are 95%+ deliverable. If doesn’t get it for me I go to and give it a try. Will ususally pick up Email addresses for about 15% of those not found on GetProspect.


Bulk Cold Emailing Tools

Sometimes there are a lot of great prospects out there that you just don’t have time or resources to reach by cold calling. Cold emailing is one way to cost-effectively interact and receive inquiries from quality prospects you can’t afford to reach with other methods. Never thought I would do cold Emailing but I did and it was very successful.

Here are the tools I suggest you check out. I would consider the Cadillac option. is a solid more stripped down and less expensive choice.

Important note: Never use an autoresponder or your domain when emailing to strangers and those that have not given you permission. (Example: I don’t use, I have used and for cold or bulk emails. If you don’t know why these two rules are so important, fill in the form and I will explain. If you break these rules very bad things can happen.


Database To Profile Suspects And Pull Target Lists

Salesgenie. There are a lot of great databases out there and many are more sophisticated than SalesGenie. But over the years I have found Salesgenie to be a great tool to create accurate profiles of companies to target and pull initial call lists of companies that fit that profile. It is not great if  you wish deep info on contacts or companies. There are a lot of great database sources out there.


Some Other Suggestions

Outline Tool
Unbelievably handy. If you need to organize your thoughts, a presentation, an article you are writing, workflowy is for you. $5 a month. Ridiculous for what you get.

Make Training Videos
Need to create a video? This tool is ridiculously cheap and easy to use.

Grammar and spell check.
I do a lot of writing. This program has really helped a lot with clarity, grammar and helped me have more confidence in my writing. Words with Word, email, pretty much any program or anything you write on your computer.


Do Your Own Research Into These Options

Again, these are options that I use or can strongly suggest you check out. There are many options, the tools listed here or that I might suggest may not be right for you. Do your own research and make your own choices.

Scott. I'd Like To Review Your Suggestions And Discuss What Might Be A Fit.

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