B2B lead gen: Ignore the 95% and the most important decision you will make

If you are involved in B2B lead gen, today we discuss the most important decision you need to make, and why you should ignore the 95%.

Let’s go back in time, it’s my first big time appointment setting gig calling executive VP’s and CEO’s of companies with at least 1,000 employees.

My background had been direct marketing and writing copy that got a response but my only appointment setting experience was helping a call center book meetings for home hearing oil accounts.

My first big decision was who am I going to listen to for guidance. In the beginning I didn’t know what to do, I had a process that would lead me to the answer, if I had the right direction. But where to get it?

I knew what I wasn’t going to do, listen to my coworkers, because although they were top notch at their jobs, they were mediocre at best when it came to booking meetings with top prospects.

They had been trying for years to crack the lead gen code, hired 4 experts before me and still, leads were due more to raw activity, randomness and luck, than a dependable process.

If you want to be a top tier producer the first thing you must do is stop listening to the 95%, which includes your co-workers and friends.

You are not going to be a top producer by modeling the mediocre and bottom of the pile producers. Get off the whack-a-tactic train and stop seeking silver bullets, hacks and shortcuts.

Your goal is not to be like the rest, your goal is to be like the best.

It is not enough to be different than the rest, you must be similar to the best. The very best.

To do that you must identify a few mentors that are top tier at doing what you seek to do.

Find those that have actually done what they were now preaching and were very successful. Identify them and do what they do. Whether you like it, are comfortable with it or think it is “too salesy” whatever that means, is totally irrelevant. Do what they do. Period.

In those days, for me, my core mentors were Tony Parinello of Selling to Vito fame, Jacques Werth of High Probability Selling and Bill Good of Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success.

Their techniques and tactics differed but their underlying drivers and core principles were remarkably similar.

Like Ulyesses resisting the sirens song I tied myself to these three mentors and blocked my ears to all else seeking to lure me away from what would work. Their teachings were my core and foundation.

I ended up booking hundreds of meetings for that company and went on to book more than 2,000 before writing the books and coaching sales teams.

If you want to do the same, stop listening to the 95%, pick your mentors carefully and then do what they do. Period.

Be like the best, not all the rest.

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Hope this helped.