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What Reviewers Say…

“Scott Channell knocked it out of the park with this book. All the scripts you would ever need are included. And he has masterful ways to handle questions and objections to getting a sales appointment. If you are setting appointments on the phone so that you can make sales presentations, this is the best book I’ve read, for that specific purpose. It’s obvious that the author really made a couple of thousand appointments on his own. And the techniques are well tested, and they work. I’m already an expert, and I picked up several tips out of the book.”

“Have you ever tried to create sales scipts for your sales team? No matter what you do, it’s never the right word choice for everyone. If you create 5 phone scripts, they want a 6th. If you created 100, they’d want 101. Scott knows this. Scott doesn’t give you the magic bullet phone script. Instead, he gives you a step by step process to create a winning script that fits you! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in because he’s proved this system works across all industries. It doesn’t matter if you are cold calling or calling warm leads, his system works for that too. This book is great for anyone who makes calls for a living or develops scripts for those that do. I happen to be the latter and will be replacing our phone script system at our 150 year old, Fortune 250 company, with a system developed based on this book for our 3600+ sales force.”

“Using this book, I was able to
-sell myself on the phone and find a good sales job
-beat every salespeople’s performance during my probation period
-secure my position as a new hire and gained the respect of my peers.”

“What I loved about this book is that the author cuts the crap and gets to the point. It respects your time. It is a lean book that guides you step by step from picking up the phone to getting a “yes, I’m interested in a demonstration”.

“The title may seem cliche, but the information inside is not. You can tell the author has actually created results using the principles in the book. I wish I had this book ten years ago when I first started carrying a sales bag. The title doesn’t really do the book justice for what’s inside. Change is never easy, but I got some much needed calibration from reading this book, not just in my phone work, but also…”

“Quick read and can apply scripts immediately.”

“… In the week since studying and acting on these ideas, I’ve been able to get great traction in two F500 firms and one Global 500 firm. I’ve not gotten these results prior to following Scott’s ideas…”

“Only book that offered different techniques on cold calling that I will certainly apply. This book reminds you the very short time you have after you hear Hello. How to say the right words and use your words wisely to capture the appointment! Very highly recommend.”

“Good scripting ideas that showcased some of the things I’ve been doing wrong over the years.”