Better B2B lead generation: Think more, do less

B2B lead generation, appointment setting, and discovery call efforts that falter are not usually due to lack of effort, activity, or capability.

Sputtering prospecting is the prioritization of doing over thinking.

Sometimes it is the matter of a few hours, or a few weeks invested in thinking, that multiplies the odds of the success of your prospecting efforts.

Would you spend 2.5 times on campaign preparation if you knew it will increase results 10X?

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B2B appointment setting: Preparation makes you less stupid than rivals

Before you try to outsmart your competition, resolve to be less stupid than your rivals. Think more before you act.

Think of the 80/20 rule in reverse. Identity all the common causes of failure of those who have tried to do what you want to do, then don’t do those things.

Not kidding here, small investments of time upfront can drastically reduce the odds of failure. Just a few missteps, a few things not thought of, a few things not adequately prepared for are disproportionately responsible for lead generation and business development failures or underperformance.

Doing before thinking is lead generation self-sabotage

Calling overly broad lists, lousy messaging, doomed to fail touch process and baking inefficiency into work methods are great ways to increase the odds of prospecting failure. Putting more focus on thinking before doing will nip those in the bud.

Any results achieved prioritizing doing over thinking will often be due to randomness, not the result of a sustainable, well organized strategic plan.

Two major cause of lead generation failure

Impulsiveness: Sometimes people can’t resist. There is an urgency to get more leads now. Doing lots of stuff takes precedence over doing the right things in the right way. Those that are impulsive don’t typically understand how drastically they are stacking the odds of success against themselves.

Not knowing: Sometimes people just don’t know what they don’t know about sales/marketing/lead gen.

Here are some examples of not knowing what you don’t know. If someone thinks that you can manage outbound calling using spreadsheets, they are clueless. If someone believes it is OK to pick leads randomly off the internet, they are clueless. Both beliefs are prime predictors of failure.

If your past efforts have not led to something sustainable that you can build on, there are things you just don’t know you don’t know, or you are unwilling to admit. Seek assistance to get off this doomsday treadmill.

Sometimes the thinking before the doing is just a matter of hours.

For larger projects, a few weeks of thinking and going slow in the early stages to monitor and tweak and perfect, before you try to scale, can drastically increase your odds of success.

Whether it is hours or weeks, that thinking time is often a small fraction of time to be dedicated to a project.

You can work hard, be very smart, be very capable and yet self-sabotage yourself by jumping into doing before enough thinking has been done.

Working hard on the wrong things will not lead to the business development results you need.

Greatly increase your odds of success by doing more thinking before you start doing.