Better sales prospecting not always a help

More leads, more meetings, better qualified leads and meetings. They don’t always help. Why not? Think of your business development process as the links of a chain. Leads First meeting/discovery call Follow-up meetings and interactions Proposal Close If you pump more leads and better-quality leads into your system, yet you are losing too many magnificent […]

Boost discovery calls quick – 5 things to do

Do you need a sales boost quick? Over many years and many turnaround projects, this is the path most likely to boost qualified discovery calls, and sales, quickly. Fix #1 What’s obstructing results: You/your team are spending too much time with low value or no value suspects. What to do: Profile your best customers. Be […]

Phrases of B2B Prospecting and Appointment Setting Shame

Phrases of shame used in sales prospecting.
How commonly used words self-sabotage your prospecting efforts and snatch defeat from the jaws of sales victory.
Why do people work so hard to call call call to get Ms. Top Decision Maker on the phone… only to do everything they can to chase them away?

Your B2B Appointment Setting Lead Generation “But’s” are Killing Your Results

Nothing quickens the heart… and stimulates sales, better than a flurry of meetings with qualified prospects. There is no greater torture than to stare at an empty calendar with the belief that making a call or sending yet another email is the equivalent of waterboarding yourself. How do people turn it around? When you are […]

Laser Focus On Economic Buyers. Throw Everyone Else Down The Stairs

Setting appointments and discovery calls is about ultimately closing sales. Your prospecting efforts are one part of an overall process that generates new business cost-effectively. People who have no needs, no money or no time will be annoyed and bothered regardless of what you do. Their feelings are irrelevant. Your objective – your sole objective […]

Researching Before Your Appointment Setting Call. Worth it or Waste of Time?

When seeking to set a sales appointment or discovery call, should you research a company before you call or send an email? Let’s answer that question 3 ways. Now you may be thinking, well, uh, scott, isn’t it a good idea to research a company a bit so that you can communicate that you […]

Prospecting One Level Below The Check Writer: The Impact On Closing Ratios

I’m going to share with you a rule of thumb I have used in prospecting I call the 6x rule. The origins of the rule came out of an appointment setting project I did years ago. This project was done for a management consulting company that worked across the United States. They had very strict […]