B2B Appointment Setting Slump Turnaround

B2B appointment setting is simple but it is not easy. What do you do when you feel you are constantly running into brick walls? Many appointment setters work hard yet get stuck. This 8 minute audio runs through the mental checklist I would use when I was calling and trying to get a new project […]

Cold Calling Tip: Never Refer to Info Sent When Appointment Setting

Here is a common self-sabotaging lead generation behavior that you can stop immediately. Do not evah (as we say in in Boston) refer to mailing, Emailing or sending something to a prospect when you get them to finally pick up the phone. This is a great example of a sales behavior that at first glance […]

Appointment Setting Moneyball: More Closed Accounts with Less

 How do appointment setting companies with limited resources excel at setting sales appointments effectively for market share and new accounts against richer rivals? They play appointment setting moneyball. “Moneyball” is a philosophy. No, it is a reality of gaining competitive advantage with fewer resources than your rivals. The concept of playing moneyball entered our conscience with the […]

Appointment Setting C-Level Newbie Reveals 7 Lessons for Call Success

We learn lead generation/appointment setting best from the mouths of those actually doing it. Learn 7 lessons from an overseas coaching client that had never sold before. He started by “*#$*ting my pants,” (his words), and ended up setting two appointments in his first two hours. Not typical, but not that unusual. Review the 7 […]

Characteristics of a productive B2B appointment setter

Who is going to do it? Make the calls, engage the decision-makers and set the appointment? Whether your first meeting is face-to-face, by phone, by webinar or at an event… somebody has to smile and dial. How do you find these people. Let me share some characteristics to seek, and red flags to avoid. Programs […]

B2B Appointment setting tips for long sales cycles

HOW TO SHORT CIRCUIT THE LONG SALES CYCLE BLUES OF COMPLEX OFFERINGS. If you sell a product or service with a long sales cycle, but you have only been selling a short period of time, what can you do to greatly increase the odds of generating some sales in the short-term? This morning I received […]

Is cold calling for sales appointments a good choice?

Sympathize with me please. After some recent speaking engagements I’ve had to endure a rash of people telling me that using the phone to set sales appointments would be a poor choice for them…. other strategies are superior. “My business is best built on relationships. Getting referrals is best for me.” This from someone in […]

Appointment setting results examples: IT and Financial services

Two tales of how individuals, in IT and financial services, very competitive industries, spiked sales by finding qualified decision makers and setting sales meetings with them. Find out what really made the difference for each of them. In Tale #2, Jim from PA in IT went from 2 meetings to 15 meetings per week making […]

Better B2B appointment setting guarantees nothing – without these.

How to avoid a flood of new appointments, yet no sales. Two reasons meetings you initiate require new tactics. Five things you must establish to have even a chance at collecting a check. Setting more discovery calls is often a necessary first step to new account generation. Yet sales and revenue increases may not materialize […]

Steps to create a discovery call system and get more clients

B2B sales prospecting, lead generating and booking discovery calls is not rocket science. The steps outlined below may seem like a lot to tackle, but if you look at each step individually you see that they are not difficult. They key to booking discovery calls that convert to profitable sales is knowing all the steps […]