Appointment Setting & B2B Lead Generation Training: When & What to Expect

Appointment Setting Training Can be the Spark that Makes the Difference, or a Total Waste. How to Tell? When it comes to appointment setting training, failure is a lot easier to predict than success. You can teach all the right things about sales lead generation but without implementation, it is all for naught. Or, there […]

Why I use ACT! CRM (formerly Sage ACT) for Lead Generation & More

Many ask what customer relationship management software I use. Thought I would share why I chose ACT! CRM (formerly Sage ACT! 2010-2013.) Bulletin #1: Your great sales scripts are no good if you are not talking to the right people, in the right quantities. Bulletin #2: If you are not properly setup and organized to […]

Dan’s News B2B Appointment Setting Approach Gets Meetings. He tells 6 keys.

Dan called me yesterday to say that his new approach to prospecting and appointment setting got him three “highly qualified” appointments in the first week…. and four people responded to his voicemail message. Before his new approach Dan told me he hardly ever got a voicemail reply, and with rare exceptions his meetings were with […]

3 Appointment Setting Quickstarts. 6 Strategies. Jesse, Ashley & Dan Tell…

Jesse, Ashley and Dan started to set sales appointments quickly. Their stories and the key strategies that made the difference. Jesse – Set appointment with an elusive monster account. Ashley – New job 2 months ago setting appointments with $500+ million companies. Immediately starts setting 4+ a week. One has already converted to a $1.2 […]

9 Steps to Sustained B2B Appointment Setting

A Quick Burst of Appointments is Great… But You Need to Sustain and Duplicate Great Results. Use these 9 Steps. Received 2 emails with great feedback this week. They related good results, but without more, there is great risk these results could be a one-hit wonder. Let me explain. #1. Rick writes me that he […]

B2B Appointment Setting Can Be Ugly, But…

Sympathize with me please. After some recent speaking engagements I’ve had to endure a rash of people telling me that using the phone to set sales appointments would be a poor choice for them…. other strategies are superior. “My business is best built on relationships. Getting referrals is best for me.” This from someone in […]

Appointment Setting For Whales: Higher Revenue Larger Profit type Accounts.

Prospecting For Whales: 3 keys to increasing the number of high revenue larger profit type accounts you close. They are out there. Large high revenue bigger profit accounts. Whales. “We have plenty of business, are growing rapidly and our profits are more than OK… but we seem shut out of the next level premier type […]

Appointment Setting Callers: How to Hire Producers and Avoid Turnover.

Who is going to do it? Make the calls, engage the decision-makers and set the appointment? Whether your first meeting is face-to-face, by phone, by webinar or at an event… somebody has to smile and dial. How do you find these people. Let me share some characteristics to seek, and red flags to avoid. Programs […]

B2B Appointment Setting Tips Short Circuit the Long Sales Cycle Blues

HOW TO SHORT CIRCUIT THE LONG SALES CYCLE BLUES OF COMPLEX OFFERINGS. If you sell a product or service with a long sales cycle, but you have only been selling a short period of time, what can you do to greatly increase the odds of generating some sales in the short-term? This morning I received […]