331 calls, 36 conversations, 1 meeting. Trick to help is….

Sometimes when you are prospecting you can be doing many things very well, yet there is one weak link in the chain and you are not getting enough meetings. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Properly evaluating what you are doing correctly and where you need to put your focus is key […]

Get Out of the Hamster Wheel. 4 Low Level High Result To-Do’s

4 surprising strategies for drastically different sales results. Most people work very very hard. Most people reap results far below their abilities and efforts deserve. If your thought is that you will work harder yet essentially do more of the same… and expect vastly different sales results… you have already lost. Here are some tips […]

8 Gatekeeper Leveraging Tips.

Gatekeeper realities & strategies. How to work around, over and through gatekeepers to have conversations with top decision-makers? The last few weeks as I have been working with individuals, companies and call centers, a very common theme of questions has centered around how best to deal with gatekeepers. Here are 8 tips. 1. Never be […]

46 Top Tips for Appointment Setting. Part 3

24. Response to “We are all set,” or “We have a vendor we love.” Two short sample answers. There are longer options. “That’s fine. Does this mean you are never going to look at new options or could you suggest a better time for me to call in the future?” Or, “That’s fine. I don’t […]

46 Top Tips for Appointment Setting. Part 2

12. Eliminate calls to less worthy prospects. At the core of bad prospecting is inadequate (non-existent?) target selection. Dumb, wasteful and can be fixed with just 3-5 hours of effort. “Profile” your current and previous best accounts. Identify clones of those accounts. Call them first. In many organizations multitudes of grade A prospects are not […]

46 Top Tips for Appointment Setting. Part 1

1. Don’t make it easy for them to lump you in with the idiots. Your targets get lots of calls from people who waste their time. If you say the things the idiots do, your targets will assume you are a time-waster and you are toast. Don’t act and talk like most others. Be different. […]