Better B2B appointment setting guarantees nothing – without these.

How to avoid a flood of new appointments, yet no sales. Two reasons meetings you initiate require new tactics. Five things you must establish to have even a chance at collecting a check. Setting more discovery calls is often a necessary first step to new account generation. Yet sales and revenue increases may not materialize […]

Close Your Cold Calling Benefit Gap. Seal More Deals.

Ensure you are communicating value when cold calling that will outweigh objections and close more sales. Sales close because of the perceived value of the benefits offered. Objections are overcome when our benefits outweigh our weaknesses. The lure of benefits makes it worthwhile for people to meet with us. Benefits are the key to generating […]

Steps to create a discovery call system and get more clients

B2B sales prospecting, lead generating and booking discovery calls is not rocket science. The steps outlined below may seem like a lot to tackle, but if you look at each step individually you see that they are not difficult. They key to booking discovery calls that convert to profitable sales is knowing all the steps […]

B2B appointment setting and increasing average order value (AOV)

How your B2B appointment setting process can increase your average order value. A company called me not long ago with this question. “Our average sale is $1,000.00. Our best, most profitable, most desired sales are $5,000.00+. How do we get more $5,000.00 projects in our sales mix?” To move AOV, there are four considerations. Refocus […]

Intro to “3 cycles of 3” cold call outreach process

If you want decision-makers to pick up the phone with frequency, you need to call in accordance with what I call the “three cycles of three.” Let’s take a step back and look at the basic marketing principles and outreach realities that drive theses steps. 1. On average, it takes 9 or more dials to […]

Cold calling top producers are more focused than all the rest

There is a difference between top cold calling sales producers… the mediocre… and those treading water. It seems that the mediocre producers… have all read the same memo. The memo says that you should never quit, keep calling, go meet everybody because anybody could be your client. Don’t even try to distinguish the best prospects […]

8 B2B Appointment Setting and discovery call truisms

8 Truths of B2B Lead Generation and setting discovery calls. These are mostly stupid simple and obvious. #8 is the most important. I recently finished up a training series with a national sales team. VC funded. Kicking butt of better-known competitors. Accelerating what most would consider to be high-growth already. It was our last session, […]