How to structure a discovery call with a hot sales prospect

How long does a typical first sales meeting of discovery call last? 30-60 minutes. As a rule we have certain objectives to accomplish, and we only have a certain amount of time. It is reasonable to assume that we will only have 40 minutes to accomplish our objectives. Structure and pace your first meeting to […]

Discovery call and first sales conversations – 10 tips

1. Very easy to rush through beginning phases of a sales call. 2. Very easy to talk about what we want to talk about. 3. Difference between sales efficiency vs sales effectiveness. Sales efficiency: getting in front of the right prospect at the right cost at the right cost. And spending the right amount of […]

Sales Management is Often Self Management. Pick Your Mentors Carefully

If you are serious about managing a lead generation process that consistently spits up qualified opportunities that convert, you have a very important decision to make. The decision? What behaviors are you going to model. Top sales producers have clarity about the behaviors that are most likely to work. Present them with any common scenario […]

Cold Calling and B2B Appointment Setting – What’s Changed?

I set my first C-Level B2B Sales Appointment in 1994. The first million-dollar account obtained from one of those appointments changed that same year. Some things that used to get results, don’t today. But, contrary to the throw the baby out with the bath water crowd “all the rules” are not different today. My take […]

“Save You Money” Sales Script: Sanctuary of the Unprepared

Not sure whether it is due to a gravitational force, personality disorder or mental defect, but there are a lot of salespeople walking around with the mistaken belief that trumpeting “we will save you money” is enough to earn you a next step is your sales process. It isn’t. In fact, let me be a […]

Relating Sales Script Credibility: A new or small business challenge

Dear Scott – just finished reading your “7 Steps .. Appointment Setting” book – excellent book, great ideas but a question. The scripts & discussions in the book re credibility all seem to be based around existing larger businesses and having “big well known” client names to drop in – what if you are a […]

B2B appointment setting the easy way gets harder every day

The sales prospecting eternal search. The quick fix that will generate more qualified opportunities fast. The one thing that will make the difference. The new wonder strategy that changes it all. If only the right thing was found, generating qualified leads and opportunities would be so easy. Here is reality. Prospecting the easy way is […]

Your Sales Team: Order Takers or Salespeople? First Clue…

Is your sales team made up of order takers or salespeople? The answer is the difference between growth and profits vs stagnation and decline. Order takers not only cost you accounts but they drive up your costs. As a generalization when team members are only bringing back the low-hanging fruit, these are the accounts that […]

Appointment Setting Moneyball: More Closed Accounts with Less

 How do appointment setting companies with limited resources excel at setting sales appointments effectively for market share and new accounts against richer rivals? They play appointment setting moneyball. “Moneyball” is a philosophy. No, it is a reality of gaining competitive advantage with fewer resources than your rivals. The concept of playing moneyball entered our conscience with the […]