Sell with a backbone, not a wishbone.

Whether you are winning at sales, stuck at average, or falling far short of your goals, who is always at the scene of the crime? You are. To improve, ask yourself this question: Am I selling with a backbone or a wishbone? A 3rd bone, your jawbone, may be required to move up the performance […]

Boost discovery calls quick – 5 things to do

Do you need a sales boost quick? Over many years and many turnaround projects, this is the path most likely to boost qualified discovery calls, and sales, quickly. Fix #1 What’s obstructing results: You/your team are spending too much time with low value or no value suspects. What to do: Profile your best customers. Be […]

B2B Cold Email Sequences for Lead Generation

First, a confession. I never thought I would use cold email for lead generation. But I did, somewhat slowly and reluctantly, and in the first-year generated revenue well into six figures from those cold email leads for an out-of-pocket cost of less than $2,500. I’m going to share with you some of the top lessons […]

13 Tips to Improve the Quality of the Prospecting Sales Scripts you Use

Use this phone script checklist to craft more effective sales prospecting scripts 1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says “Whoa, maybe I should listen to this.” Once those seconds have ticked away, and your prospect’s brain thinks “waste of time,” your odds of success plummet, no […]

Sample Appointment Setting Script was Super Successful

Here is a sample appointment setting script that helped a salesperson go from 2/3 appointments a month to 10-15 a week….. more B2B prospects found by calling while increasing the size of the average sale and closing conversion rate. Learn sales script structuring techniques that will help you craft your best ever phone script for […]

Door to Door Sales Scripts 911 Rescue. “Sell Now or Die.”

Door to door sales challenged? Door to doorers take heed of this true tale of cold calling on front steps success. These door to door sales tips come courtesy of Mark from TX creates 6-figure income knocking on doors with new door-to-door sales scripts and techniques.The 911 call… the 5 step turnaround… the effective opening […]

Phrases of B2B Prospecting and Appointment Setting Shame

Phrases of shame used in sales prospecting.
How commonly used words self-sabotage your prospecting efforts and snatch defeat from the jaws of sales victory.
Why do people work so hard to call call call to get Ms. Top Decision Maker on the phone… only to do everything they can to chase them away?

Good Sales Scripts Can’t Fix Bad Math

If you throw a coat of paint on a clunker of a car, you still have the problems of a clunker. It will not run the way you want. Throw new and improved sales scripts on top of a broken prospecting system and what do you have? A broken prospecting system. It will not perform […]

Sales Leaders Don’t Let Sales Teams Call Crap

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Sales leaders don’t let sales teams call crap. Leaders can pound the table as hard as they want. They can insist on more calls, more meetings, and more proposals all day long. Leaders can bang the drum for these things very loudly. Reports can measure them. But reality is, […]

Sales Reminders Often More Help Than Sales Instruction

Most sales teams are capable of far greater results without learning one new thing. Most sales managers are sitting on strategies that would jump sales results. Most salespeople are not doing half the things they know must be done to earn to potential. Simply reminding teams, managers and salespeople of things they already know to […]