Sales Objectives vs Strategy vs Tactics: What’s The Difference? Why It Matters.

What is your sales team objective? Strategy? Tactics? Do you know the difference between the three and does it matter? Yes, because without clear objectives and the right strategy, sales leaders focus on tactics. When that happens, you lose focus. You do not get the results or all the accounts that should have been yours. […]

Write a book for breakthrough prospecting

Would you write 20 blog posts if it would change your life? If you could author 20 blog posts, that same effort could be a book. When you are the author of a book, you walk into a whole new world of prospecting results and impact. 90 days. Do you sell to a local or […]

46 Top Tips to Sell the Meeting. Part 2

12. Eliminate calls to less worthy prospects. At the core of bad prospecting is inadequate (non-existent?) target selection. Dumb, wasteful and can be fixed with just 3-5 hours of effort. “Profile” your current and previous best accounts. Identify clones of those accounts. Call them first. In many organizations multitudes of grade A prospects are not […]

46 Top Tips to Sell the Meeting. Part 3

24. Response to “We are all set,” or “We have a vendor we love.” Two short sample answers. There are longer options. “That’s fine. Does this mean you are never going to look at new options or could you suggest a better time for me to call in the future?” Or, “That’s fine. I don’t […]

46 Tips to Sell the Meeting Part 4

35. The next time you hear the “send me some info” blow off, try this setting sales appointments script example. “You know, I don’t send out general information. The corporate stuff I would send you is just going to tell you what I just told you. We do A, B and C. Get results like […]

46 Top Tips to Sell the Meeting. Part 1

1. Don’t make it easy for them to lump you in with the idiots. Your targets get lots of calls from people who waste their time. If you say the things the idiots do, your targets will assume you are a time-waster and you are toast. Don’t act and talk like most others. Be different. […]

Just Want a Sales Script?… Two Hours That Makes All the Difference.

Let me share a “script preparation” tip that is key to words that work. A simple thing that most people won’t do and it costs them big time. Your word selection is important, but a “good script” that works, is not just a matter of magic words on paper. Those words have to relate to […]

5 Unexpected Payoffs From Business Development Success

Many times, business development success comes from places not originally imagined. I was reminded of that last week when speaking to an old coaching client, someone I worked with about 4 years ago. First of all, he said to me “Scott, we did get 20 % – 30% better at prospecting.” But our big gains […]

Sales basics fuel more productivity gains than top gun techniques

Here is an uncomfortable sales truth. Execute the basics of selling well and consistently, is enough to beat 95% of your competiton. In fact, most of the quantum leaps in productivity and sales success come not from some advanced new better and improved strategy, but from propertly executing sales basics properly. Let me repeat. The […]

12 Core Discovery Call Keys To Get The Close

Here are some core concepts to execute a discovery call so as to maximize closing ratios. For many years all I did was help companies SELL THE MEETING and schedule qualified discovery calls and first sales appointments. Eventually companies asked for help in choreographing (my words) the first meeting/discovery call to get more leads deeper […]