Appointment Setting Moneyball: More Closed Accounts with Less

 How do appointment setting companies with limited resources excel at setting sales appointments effectively for market share and new accounts against richer rivals? They play appointment setting moneyball. “Moneyball” is a philosophy. No, it is a reality of gaining competitive advantage with fewer resources than your rivals. The concept of playing moneyball entered our conscience with the […]

Sales Training and Lead Generation Sales Management: Ready for Results?

Your appointment setting has slowed down. The meetings you do have are more “drive-by’s” than purposeful sales meetings and they are not converting or sales that do result tend to be small. Maybe a few key accounts have moved on or previously reliable sources of good leads have slowed or degraded. Uh oh. Time to […]

Sales Management for Lead Generation: Three keys

Sales Management for Lead Generation and Sales Conversion. 3 Key Concepts for Sales Managers to Create Top Performing Teams. Part 1. When you spend more than 20 years helping sales teams and individual sales people to generate high value leads you learn a few things… about sales management for lead generation. Many think of sales […]

Effective sales script credibility statement examples

There is one mistake I see commonly that absolutely cripples your ability to be effective with cold calling outreach to book B2B sales appointments. The lack of an effective credibility statement. In fact, the lack of any credibility statement at all. Ouch. Table of Contents Credibility statements improve B2B lead generation results How are your […]

Appointment Setting C-Level Newbie Reveals 7 Lessons for Call Success

We learn lead generation/appointment setting best from the mouths of those actually doing it. Learn 7 lessons from an overseas coaching client that had never sold before. He started by “*#$*ting my pants,” (his words), and ended up setting two appointments in his first two hours. Not typical, but not that unusual. Review the 7 […]

Sean’s Cold Calling Gets Quick Close and Space Shuttle Tour

How Sean Turned a Cold Call Into A Cool Space Shuttle Tour and… Closed a $220,000 deal in three weeks. Read the Good, the Bad and the Uglier. Read Sean’s reply when they said, “We have plans but they don’t include you.” Sean told me these 4 things right after he told me about the […]

Cold calling must do’s: Follow five principles or kiss it goodbye

If you want to connect with high value prospects that will convert fairly quickly to a closed account… you better be doing these 5 things or you can kiss it goodbye. 1. Stop thinking you can’t. This still puzzles and saddens me. Hard working people with great products and services keep banging their heads against […]

If Cold Calling is Dead, Vampires are Alive

The Sooner You Stop the Cold Calling is Dead Delusion and Accept Reality, the Sooner You May Close More Great Accounts. Fact: “Cold Calling is Dead” is a lie. Mail is dead. Books are dead. Email is dead. The internet is dead. Cold calling is dead. Those that believe such things are denying themselves powerful […]

Phone Scripts Credibililty: Make Em Choke on “We are all set.”

Let’s take a moment to focus on just one element of breaking through your high worth prospects’ mind defenses and getting an appointment. Establishing credibility and value… within seconds of hearing “Hello.” This is about giving your targets “cause for pause” so that the auto-response blow-off’s get stuck in their throat. You stop them dead […]

Saying “we can save you money” in cold call sales script

Your clients and accounts are in business to do something. Make something, sell it, deliver it, teach children, serve clients. The people you sell to are in business to do something. Take note of this information. If people do not meet you, they do not pick you over competing vendors; they choose to do nothing […]