B2B Cold Email Sequences for Lead Generation

First, a confession. I never thought I would use cold email for lead generation. But I did, somewhat slowly and reluctantly, and in the first-year generated revenue well into six figures from those cold email leads for an out-of-pocket cost of less than $2,500. I’m going to share with you some of the top lessons […]

Cold Calling Riches… Sons of Niches Become Profit Faucet

There are riches in niches. When you are cold call prospecting, the biggest riches are often in the of niches. You can boil down using the phone to prospect and set appointments as a giant sorting process.  You constantly shuffle the deck of your suspect lead list by criteria such as who is buying, who […]

Cold Calling Constraints Spur Creativity

Voicemail. Voicemail. Endless Voicemail. Gatekeeper roadblocks.. No one has time. Few pick up. Fewer agree to meet. Put off’s are plentiful. These are the constraints of prospecting that frustrate most. These are the constraints that most seek to break free of. Most get demoralized and beaten up trying to break free of these limitations. Let […]

Cold Calling Call Process. How often to call and when.

When and how often do you call high level decision-makers, When seeking to set an appointment? by Scott Channell – 3 cycles of 3 – 2 weeks – The Rule of 7 – How to increase the number of conversations you have – Anything done once, or infrequently, is the equivalent of doing nothing at […]

Sales Scripts for Callbacks. Don’t be a phone wimp. 3 Tips to avoid maybeland.

How to avoid “maybeland” and frustrating call backs that go nowhere. – Do not call just because they asked. – Why you must try to chase them away. – Actions must be mutually beneficial. You will not jump through their hoops. The dreaded call back. The pleasant, enthusiastic voice that asked you to call back. […]

2 Simple Advanced Calling Strategies

Simple things that take virtually no time can do great things for your prospecting results. I really think that it is the last 2% of your effort that can generate 50% or more of your results. If you are banging your head against the wall with too little to show for it, try these two […]

Should You Prospect Using Cold Calling or Cold Outreach?

Should Cold Calls/Cold Outreach Be Part of Your Sales & Marketing Process? I don’t know… but here is some guidance to help you figure it out. First, cold calling, cold outreach, cold emailing, these are neither a good nor bad thing. These are just marketing tools; appropriate in some situations… never should be used in […]