Cold Calling Call Process. How often to call and when.

When and how often do you call high level decision-makers, When seeking to set an appointment? by Scott Channell – 3 cycles of 3 – 2 weeks – The Rule of 7 – How to increase the number of conversations you have – Anything done once, or infrequently, is the equivalent of doing nothing at […]

Sales Scripts for Callbacks. Don’t be a phone wimp. 3 Tips to avoid maybeland.

How to avoid “maybeland” and frustrating call backs that go nowhere. – Do not call just because they asked. – Why you must try to chase them away. – Actions must be mutually beneficial. You will not jump through their hoops. The dreaded call back. The pleasant, enthusiastic voice that asked you to call back. […]

2 Simple Advanced Calling Strategies

Simple things that take virtually no time can do great things for your prospecting results. I really think that it is the last 2% of your effort that can generate 50% or more of your results. If you are banging your head against the wall with too little to show for it, try these two […]

Should You Prospect Using Cold Calling or Cold Outreach?

Should Cold Calls/Cold Outreach Be Part of Your Sales & Marketing Process? I don’t know… but here is some guidance to help you figure it out. First, cold calling, cold outreach, cold emailing, these are neither a good nor bad thing. These are just marketing tools; appropriate in some situations… never should be used in […]

B2B Cold Email Sequences for Lead Generation

First, a confession. I never thought I would use cold email for lead generation. But I did, somewhat slowly and reluctantly, and in the first-year generated revenue well into six figures from those cold email leads for an out-of-pocket cost of less than $2,500. I’m going to share with you some of the top lessons […]

How Much Sincerity Must You Fake To Earn Trust?

How much fake sincerity does it take to earn trust? Do you know your biggest challenge as a vendor or service provider? Your prospects don’t trust you. They have been on the receiving end of too many exaggerations, part-truths, and distortion. Too many reps have misrepresented their capabilities and experience. They have wasted too much […]

How to Find Your Prospect’s Email Address: Tools to Use.

Let’s review tools to find the email addresses of your highly targeted prospects and decision-makers. Email is becoming more and more important in appointment setting land. “Cold Calling” should really be called “Cold Outreach” today because reaching a high-level prospect involves more than just phone calls. Many of the sales meetings being set today by […]