Four C’s of Discovery Call Success

“Closing” should feel like a normal and natural result of meaningful conversation rather than a “win.” To capture money in motion we need to initiate and maintain a conversation in motion. We must engage in a balancing act. Our objectives for the discovery call or first sales conversation is to conduct the colloquy for greater… […]

Discovery call success: 14 key drivers

The aim of a discovery call is that a qualified buyer will ultimately agree with us on working together. There are several key concepts that are determinative of that result. You must know these concepts and conduct your meeting consistent with them. 1. The 2% difference gets the close. In order to meet the needs […]

Sales authenticity vs. being salesy: What is best for buyers?

What does being authentic in selling mean? Does it mean never being overbearing, overly aggressive, or manipulative in sales situations? I think so. Does it mean having a 100% comfy conversation from the word “Hello?” I think not. Think of a doctor that knows a child is going to feel a bit of pain or […]

Qualified prospect won’t respond to your proposal – What to do?

I frequently get anxious calls from reps that say “I have been meeting with a great prospect. They have had nothing but positive things to say every time we talk but we can’t get a response to our proposal. What can we do?” The answer, probably not much. Why? Because the early stages of your […]

“First Meeting” Skills for Outside Sales. Earn a Real “Next Step.”

Setting more sales appointments is often a necessary first step to new account generation. Yet, sales and revenue increases may not materialize without adjusting your sales process. When you substantially increase your rate of access to targeted companies, your expectations and sales approach must adjust to avoid serious disappointment. Enhancing 1) “first meeting” skills and […]

How to win more close sales decisions at closing time

Trainee who doesn’t use scripts as she wants to have a natural conversation and not appear salesy tell me a story. Great high-value prospect takes a meeting as the current rep is AWOL, hard to reach and communication is poor. So non-salesy rep and her boss wine and dine (her words) multiple times over the […]

Tell your prospects where to go

Consultative sales rep or order taker? Do you have a point of view? Or are you a trained seal, trying to please every moment to get what you want? In major sales situations, prospects respect and pay attention to those that have a point of view and communicate it. If you are not willing to […]

30 sales questions that lead to more closed accounts

How’s this for being put on the spot? I’m speaking to an annual meeting of a large international manufacturing organization. Top management and salespeople from around the world in front of me. The CEO of the company impolitely interrupts my remarks to demand an immediate answer to a question. No warning. No notice. No thinking […]

12 Core Discovery Call Keys To Get The Close

Here are some core concepts to execute a discovery call so as to maximize closing ratios. For many years all I did was help companies SELL THE MEETING and schedule qualified discovery calls and first sales appointments. Eventually companies asked for help in choreographing (my words) the first meeting/discovery call to get more leads deeper […]