How to structure a discovery call with a hot sales prospect

How long does a typical first sales meeting of discovery call last? 30-60 minutes. As a rule we have certain objectives to accomplish, and we only have a certain amount of time. It is reasonable to assume that we will only have 40 minutes to accomplish our objectives. Structure and pace your first meeting to […]

Discovery call and first sales conversations – 10 tips

1. Very easy to rush through beginning phases of a sales call. 2. Very easy to talk about what we want to talk about. 3. Difference between sales efficiency vs sales effectiveness. Sales efficiency: getting in front of the right prospect at the right cost at the right cost. And spending the right amount of […]

Better B2B appointment setting guarantees nothing – without these.

How to avoid a flood of new appointments, yet no sales. Two reasons meetings you initiate require new tactics. Five things you must establish to have even a chance at collecting a check. Setting more discovery calls is often a necessary first step to new account generation. Yet sales and revenue increases may not materialize […]

Discovery call success: 14 key drivers

The aim of a discovery call is to reach mutual agreement on working together with a qualified buyer. Here are 14 discovery call concepts that are key to getting there. 1. The 2% difference gets the close. To meet buyers’ needs, we must identify their motivations and concerns to encourage action. At the end of […]

Best questions for a B2B first sales meeting

Asking good questions is key to conducting effective first meetings or discovery calls. Ask the right questions and follow-up questions and you move toward close.If you ask too few questions or the wrong questions, good opportunities will slip right through your fingers. Preparing sales questions helps you stay on track by collecting important info and […]

Discovery Call Formula of Success: 50/20/20/10

I used to believe in the 60/30/10 rule when it came to booking sales appointments and discovery calls. That rule stated that 60% of your prospecting success would come by hitting the right targets, 30% will come because you have the right message and 10% will come from all other reasons combined. With the benefit […]

Discovery calls and first sales conversations: A guide to run them

There is a first substantive interaction with every multi-step sales process. Whether you label it a first sales meeting, discovery call or demo, the first interaction may be the biggest influence on whether you close a deal or not. That’s right; it’s not the magic words you try to come up with when a deal […]

Four C’s of Discovery Call Success

“Closing” should feel like a normal and natural result of meaningful conversation rather than a “win.” To capture money in motion we need to initiate and maintain a conversation in motion. We must engage in a balancing act. Our objectives for the discovery call or first sales conversation is to conduct the colloquy for greater… […]

Sales authenticity vs. being salesy: What is best for buyers?

What does being authentic in selling mean? Does it mean never being overbearing, overly aggressive, or manipulative in sales situations? I think so. Does it mean having a 100% comfy conversation from the word “Hello?” I think not. Think of a doctor that knows a child is going to feel a bit of pain or […]