Sell more sales strategy: Leverage the power of “no”

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” Warren Buffett “Top producing sales reps are OK with hearing “no” and saying “no.” The rest? Not so much.” Scott Channell “No” is the next to best answer you can get as a sales rep. Not […]

50 Shades of “Not Interested.” A Sales Rebuttal Objection Strategy.

Funny story. Newbie in training relates a call in which the decision-maker replied “not interested.” Get this. The newbie actually thought that meant they were “not interested.” Hilarious. Newbie reps, they are so innocent. When your prospect says “not interested.” The least likely reality of this blow off is that your decision-maker is actually “not […]

7 Self-Sabotaging Sales Script Choices

When you get decision-makers on the phone, are you interrupted, cut-off, hung up on or quickly hear “We are all set”, “Send me some info” or something else that represents phone frustration. The truth is that many times YOU are the cause of those problems. Yes, YOU!! You choose words and a script structure that […]

Coming Sales Shakeout: Will You Rise or Regret?

If you own a company, or are a CEO or sales leader, this is a moment of truth. What you do or don’t do NOW, will largely determine where your company or sales team sinks or swims during (and after) this recession. What to do? What are the differences between companies that did not survive, […]

Sales Contrarian: Time for Biggest Goals Is Now. Don’t Settle for Survival.

This is very contrarian given the times, but I really believe it. If you are in business, this is the time to have the biggest goals of your life. Why do I say that when so many are staring at disaster? Wondering if they will barely survive? Because major disruption of client relationships is happening […]

Common Causes of B2B Appointment Setting Failure

A potential client asked, “What are some of the reasons that projects don’t work out?” Great question. Knowing what to avoid greatly increases the odds of success. Here is my list of factors that can kill your improvement efforts for b2b appointment setting. 1. Define worthwhile prospects too broadly. Everyone thinks, “that’s not me.” The […]

“Send Me Some Information” Response Wimp Test.

SAMPLE BEST RESPONSE TO THE ” JUST SEND ME SOME INFORMATION” SALES OBJECTION IS BELOW. IF YOUR OBJECTION RESPONSE TO “SEND ME SOME INFO” IS OFTEN “UM, OK” YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL WIMP. Here is what you can do about it.  On the list of top sales objections, this may be the most common one […]

Top 10 Phone Scripts Mistakes to Avoid

It takes a lot of effort, monotony and frustration to get an active buyer on the phone. Someone who is going to write a check to your or a competitor. A competitor for sure if you are not there. So at the moment of truth when you hear “Hello” and an active buyer will decide […]