Big Ticket Outside Sales Cold Calling Reality: The 80/20 Rule Compounded

If your outside sales lead generation efforts include cold calling here are three realities of top sales producers in a big ticket complex sales environment. 1. The 80/20 rule lives… on steroids. Will 80% of your sales come from 20% of your lead generation efforts? Yes, but there is more. The 80/20 rule applies within […]

Keep on Appointment Setting, or let it go? Outside sales boost tip.

One Bold Action Can Immediately Boost Appointment Setting Results and Outside Sales Commissions. Whatever you do in sales, you do at the expense of something else. When you choose to prospect a group of companies, you choose to call them rather than call others. When you choose to continue to call upon an account without […]

Is Your Outside Sales Environment Moving On Without You?

Outside Sales Representatives Can Get Caught in a Difficult Trap Company is sold, merged or closes division/location. Major mainstay account is lost. Competitor offerings are enticing your prospects. Close rates are declining. A critical lead source fades. Established relationships and warm market are not generating sufficient revenue and your earnings. Your income and maybe even […]

Closing is for Outside Sales Knuckleheads

An observation from the sales minefields… salespeople and sales managers that make “closing” a super priority, tend to talk to too many prospects that won’t buy, or will buy too little or buy at too small a profit margin. Salespeople and sales managers that have a steady stream of qualified desired prospects that buy a […]

Outside Sales: Chasing Mice or Hunting Antelope?

A thought for the day for all you outside sales marketing lions out there… A marketing lion may be fully capable of catching, killing and dining on a field mouse. But the energy you expend doing so exceeds the calories you get from the mouse. So a marketing lion that spends it’s time and resources […]

11 Top Easy-To-Fix Outside Sales Practices That Rob You of New Accounts and Revenue

How many double-shoveling, swim-with-weights-on, time-wasting, inefficient, ineffective practices are built into your sales day? Being busy is not a sign that you are on a path to reach your goals. If your efforts aren’t generating numbers, which indicate you are on the road to success – what exactly are you busy doing? Your unwillingness to […]

First Meeting Outside Sales Strategies. You Got the Meeting. Now What?

Often the question is asked, “Do you have any tips on making the most of these first meetings?” Yes, I do. Here are a few. First meetings have a specific objective. Make a substantive advance toward a sale. “I’ll call you” and “You’ll call me,” “we’ll keep in touch” or “I’ll send you that info,” […]

Blind Man Sees Answer To Outside Sales Success

What Super-successful Salespeople See That the Over-worked Under-paid Have Yet to Grasp. The ability to sell and earn a high income is more than appointments, scripts, closes and effective responses to objections. Top producers see this element clearly and it guides their success. The rest?… keep running in the hamster wheel. Two recent conversations illustrate […]