11 Top Easy-To-Fix Outside Sales Practices That Rob You of New Accounts and Revenue

How many double-shoveling, swim-with-weights-on, time-wasting, inefficient, ineffective practices are built into your sales day? Being busy is not a sign that you are on a path to reach your goals. If your efforts aren’t generating numbers, which indicate you are on the road to success – what exactly are you busy doing? Your unwillingness to […]

First Meeting Outside Sales Strategies. You Got the Meeting. Now What?

Often the question is asked, “Do you have any tips on making the most of these first meetings?” Yes, I do. Here are a few. First meetings have a specific objective. Make a substantive advance toward a sale. “I’ll call you” and “You’ll call me,” “we’ll keep in touch” or “I’ll send you that info,” […]

Blind Man Sees Answer To Outside Sales Success

What Super-successful Salespeople See That the Over-worked Under-paid Have Yet to Grasp. The ability to sell and earn a high income is more than appointments, scripts, closes and effective responses to objections. Top producers see this element clearly and it guides their success. The rest?… keep running in the hamster wheel. Two recent conversations illustrate […]

Avoiding “No Show” Outside Sales Appointments

What to do when people schedule time to meet/speak with you, yet are no-shows? It happens to all of us. We schedule a phone appointment or time to meet someone at their office and they cancel or worse yet… are no-shows. What do you do? Particularly if this happens with a decision-maker at a very […]

The $500,000 Outside Sales Follow-Up Email

A $500,000 closed account due to stupid simple on autopilot follow-up Email system. – Info you are sitting on can be put to great use. – Two places most screw this up… Paul didn’t. – Warm up people before you call or meet with them. – Being provocative gets their attention. A coaching client I […]

Managing an Outside Sales Team. Help or Go Away.

Want to listen later? download it now! Today’s tip is directed toward sales managers. Well actually it is geared toward lousy sales managers or sales managers that are currently deficient yet don’t know what they are doing wrong, or maybe they know that something is wrong but don’t know what to do to help their […]

5 Words to Ban from Your Outside Sales Team

These 5 words/phrases should be banned from every sales team. Hit DELETE in your sales vocabulary. 1. Interested. A more meaningless, nebulous, tell us nothing, divert from the real issues, ridiculous sales word has never been invented. “Let’s generate interest.” Let’s find out if they are interested.” “They are interested in the gizmo.” Does that […]