10 core drivers of Script Success

You can’t craft great scripts unless you adopt some core principles about what makes a successful script. Here are 10 core drivers of script success. 1. People don’t trust you. Communicate credibility. Don’t hype or exaggerate anything. Be straight forward and factual. 2. Words you choose must be more powerful than gravity. Economic buyers get […]

Door to Door Sales Scripts 911 Rescue. “Sell Now or Die.”

Door to door sales challenged? Door to doorers take heed of this true tale of cold calling on front steps success. These door to door sales tips come courtesy of Mark from TX creates 6-figure income knocking on doors with new door-to-door sales scripts and techniques.The 911 call… the 5 step turnaround… the effective opening […]

Good Sales Scripts Can’t Fix Bad Math

If you throw a coat of paint on a clunker of a car, you still have the problems of a clunker. It will not run the way you want. Throw new and improved sales scripts on top of a broken prospecting system and what do you have? A broken prospecting system. It will not perform […]

These Two Phone Scripts are Real and They’re Spectacular

Your “Set the Meeting” Script: Two Sample Scripts with Variations. Consider this. You launch your call process with many decision-makers by making the first call to get the name or if you are confident you know the name, making the first call to try to get them to pick up. Your objective is to obtain […]

Master Core Script Paths, Before Thinking Of Lunatic Fringe

It’s a common worry among those new to appointment setting or high-level prospecting. Frankly, it also absorbs too much bandwidth among those that are working hard at prospecting yet not getting enough results. The worry which distracts from using the right verbiage to reach your business objective with a call or meeting, called preparation or […]

Top 10 Phone Scripts Mistakes to Avoid

It takes a lot of effort, monotony and frustration to get an active buyer on the phone. Someone who is going to write a check to your or a competitor. A competitor for sure if you are not there. So at the moment of truth when you hear “Hello” and an active buyer will decide […]

Stoopid Phone Script Phrases. Part To.

Being consistently less stupid than the competition is often the road to success. The goal is to attract prospects, not to chase them away with a stick. Yet, when good people work the phones to get face-to-face meetings, discovery calls, webinar or event attendance, that is often what they do. Chase the prospects away with […]

A Message About Voicemails

Lets Review Some Voicemail Basics, Then Analyze a Voicemail Script, Phrase by Phrase (below) Bulletin: Very few people who listen to a voicemail will return the call. How insightful. Some will and we want every word we select to encourage that. However, immediate response is not the only purpose of a voicemail. The voicemail works […]

“Save You Money” Sales Script: Sanctuary of the Unprepared

Not sure whether it is due to a gravitational force, personality disorder or mental defect, but there are a lot of salespeople walking around with the mistaken belief that trumpeting “we will save you money” is enough to earn you a next step is your sales process. It isn’t. In fact, let me be a […]

Phone Scripts Prospecting Phrase to Use

Sample script prospecting phrase to use while prospecting for sales appointments… and one difference that doesn’t matter. You will learn: One phrase that will help you communicate value… and why company size doesn’t matter. “Tim, what do you think made the difference?” Three meetings set in one day with top exec’s of Fortune 200 companies […]

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