Are You a Sales Prospecting Stop-Short?

Is your team fully leveraging the information gathered during prospecting calls? Or, is your organization a sales and marketing “stop-short?” You intend to gain maximum results for your lead generation investment, but after making a significant effort of time and money to make calls, generate leads, you fail to take that last small incremental step […]

Reach B2B Appointment Setting Unreachables With a “Plan B.”

How your “Plan B” Gets Unreachables and No’s Into Your Sales Pipeline Without Additional Effort Or Expense. Plan B. After scripting strategies it is the #2 concept that big-ticket appointment setters are most excited about – and tell me has helped them the most. Plan B benefits you big-time as it gets qualified unreachables and […]

Plan “B” when Appointment Setting is A Must

Your “Plan B”… or lack thereof…is the biggest factor in determining the total return on your marketing dollars. Two realities… 1. Appointment setting prospecting efforts MUST schedule enough appointments that convert to sales of sufficient size and profit margin… within a reasonably short time… to justify the cost and aggravation in the short term. No […]