Ultimate Sales Exec Riddle: You have just been hired….

What would you do? You were just hired as a sales leader for a company whose sales results have been solidly mediocre in the industry for a long time. The terms of your compensation are as follows: $0 if your results are in the bottom 90% of the industry. $1 million dollars if your results […]

Sales win preconditions: Will to win is worthless, without…

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” ― Bobby Knight In sales, the will to win plus a cup of coffee is worth about $2. The better question is…do you possess the determination and ability to properly execute the tasks and […]

Why “good scripts” won’t save you

Transcript of video. Lightly edited. Hello everyone. This is Scott Channell author of Sell the Meeting all about setting discovery calls from a to Z, and a new book only out about a month Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting, which is an update and expansion of the script tips found in the Sell The […]

Bullseyes, barns and cornfields: #1 cause of lead gen failure

This is part rant and part a plea for common sense. The #1 cause of lead gen failure to set discovery calls with high-probability prospects is that the wrong targets are being called. Not by a little, but by a mile. People who are very accomplished in their fields, organized, rational, deliberate and accomplished in […]

My most successful appointment setting b2b prospecting project

3,022 meetings is a lot of meetings. 85% of them were with C-level execs and the show rate was 87%. These meetings fueled growth and an eventual purchase of the company for an out of the park price. But let’s focus on the meetings and the four most important factors that fueled it. (You can […]

Tools I use

Thought I would share the tools I use day-to-day with you, along with some commentary. CRM | Business data | sales tools | cold emailing | Email finder | Cold emailing | Self Publishing | Video | More CRM I still use ACT! from my active calling days. Two features that stand out to me […]

Big bucks, whales and monster clients – 2 lessons learned

One of my most important sales and marketing lessons. It is about the importance of being aware of, catering to and always having options for monster clients to hire you. Decades ago, a chain of radio stations hired me to bump up sales of one of their stations prior to selling the chain. Did that, […]

Sell with a backbone, not a wishbone.

Whether you are winning at sales, stuck at average, or falling far short of your goals, who is always at the scene of the crime? You are. To improve, ask yourself this question: Am I selling with a backbone or a wishbone? A 3rd bone, your jawbone, may be required to move up the performance […]