Sell with a backbone, not a wishbone.

Whether you are winning at sales, stuck at average, or falling far short of your goals, who is always at the scene of the crime? You are. To improve, ask yourself this question: Am I selling with a backbone or a wishbone? A 3rd bone, your jawbone, may be required to move up the performance […]

Missing Great Prospects By An Inch or a Mile?

Hi this is Scott Channell and I have a question for you. Are you missing out on great prospects by an inch or a mile? Lets review two scenarios. You are prospecting for discovery calls with qualified prospects from a great list. You hear Hello and deliver the words you feel a great prospect would […]

For better B2B sales leads, sift, sort and select

Your company needs prospecting results fast. You have no time, money, or inclination to call, mail, email, send ravens, or interact with those less likely to buy. You want to stop doing the lead generation dance with those with mere possibilities of success. You may “know your market” in a more general sense. But that […]

Prospecting recon: Take the horse blinders off for high ROI

remove horse blinders to sell more

Or “Why those that think longer term get more short-term results?” Appointment and discovery call setting is a subset of prospecting. Prospecting is a subset of your sales process. You should integrate sales and marketing to work together to achieve best results overall. Those that think of the process of appointment setting as merely about […]

Sales Leaders Don’t Let Sales Teams Call Crap

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Sales leaders don’t let sales teams call crap. Leaders can pound the table as hard as they want. They can insist on more calls, more meetings, and more proposals all day long. Leaders can bang the drum for these things very loudly. Reports can measure them. But reality is, […]

Sales Reminders Often More Help Than Sales Instruction

Most sales teams are capable of far greater results without learning one new thing. Most sales managers are sitting on strategies that would jump sales results. Most salespeople are not doing half the things they know must be done to earn to potential. Simply reminding teams, managers and salespeople of things they already know to […]

5 Key Right Now Priorities For Sales Teams

The battle for client acquisition has begun. Those that work effective business growth strategic plans will win. To that sales teams must their sales tactics and behaviors with those strategies, with leveraged focus and action. The amount of client dislocation coming will be unprecedented. The unprepared and the weaker (financially, strategically) will see their account […]

Coming Sales Shakeout: Will You Rise or Regret?

If you own a company, or are a CEO or sales leader, this is a moment of truth. What you do or don’t do NOW, will largely determine where your company or sales team sinks or swims during (and after) this recession. What to do? What are the differences between companies that did not survive, […]

Sales Slowdown: Lessons of the Leaky Bucket

If you are like many (and being honest with yourself,) there are parts of your selling machine that are less than OK. Maybe your scripting is weak, your crm/contact manager is outdated or poorly setup, maybe your list is aged or not well prioritized. Your people could use some training. Bottom line is business has […]

How A Farmer Turned IT CEO Thrived in Recession

How does a business not only survive, but thrive, in times of economic crisis? Here is one story that illustrates how to move forward. Had a client with 25+ outside sales reps and a 5 member inside team. This CEO was a farmer before he was an IT CEO. He told me a story about […]