Sales Management is Often Self Management. Pick Your Mentors Carefully

If you are serious about managing a lead generation process that consistently spits up qualified opportunities that convert, you have a very important decision to make. The decision? What behaviors are you going to model. Top sales producers have clarity about the behaviors that are most likely to work. Present them with any common scenario […]

Lead Generation B2B ??: Is the Sales Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Sales leaders are in a constant search for a larger number of better qualified leads and more new business. The hunt for a better way, a more effective sales technique, a killer sales script, better meetings, an improved sales process is never ending. So numerous times sales managers and reps are asking themselves “If I […]

Key B2B lead generation tools you never heard of

There are two important lead generation tools that you may have overlooked. Not using them, and not using them in the right order, is punching more and more holes in your sales lead bucket. You can try to play whack-a-mole and patch the increasing cascade of leaks one by one, but the momentum is more powerful […]

Cold Calling and B2B Appointment Setting – What’s Changed?

I set my first C-Level B2B Sales Appointment in 1994. The first million-dollar account obtained from one of those appointments changed that same year. Some things that used to get results, don’t today. But, contrary to the throw the baby out with the bath water crowd “all the rules” are not different today. My take […]

Your Sales Team: Order Takers or Salespeople? First Clue…

Is your sales team made up of order takers or salespeople? The answer is the difference between growth and profits vs stagnation and decline. Order takers not only cost you accounts but they drive up your costs. As a generalization when team members are only bringing back the low-hanging fruit, these are the accounts that […]

Sales Training and Lead Generation Sales Management: Ready for Results?

Your appointment setting has slowed down. The meetings you do have are more “drive-by’s” than purposeful sales meetings and they are not converting or sales that do result tend to be small. Maybe a few key accounts have moved on or previously reliable sources of good leads have slowed or degraded. Uh oh. Time to […]

Sales Management for Lead Generation: Three keys

Sales Management for Lead Generation and Sales Conversion. 3 Key Concepts for Sales Managers to Create Top Performing Teams. Part 1. When you spend more than 20 years helping sales teams and individual sales people to generate high value leads you learn a few things… about sales management for lead generation. Many think of sales […]

Half Of B2B Lead Generation Success Is 90% Mental

Are you or your sales team setting B2B sales appointments? Getting your mindset right gets you most of the way there before you make a call, write a script, or leave a voicemail. An effective sales leader, or a top 10% sales rep, sees the big picture and understands the key drivers of what will […]

Sales words & phrases to ban with B2B sales prospects

Every sales team should ban these five words/phrases. If a member of your sales team utters these words, treat them as you would pejoratives, slanders of your mother, and insults to your honor and integrity. If you are a sales leader you should never hear them, sales prospects should never hear them and they should […]

Inspirational sales quotes to inspire your team

48 motivational sales quotes to motivate and inspire your team. Improve sales performance and close more sales. “Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business.” ~ Ben Horowitz “You don’t need a big close, as many sales reps believe. You […]