6 Keys to Sales Script Cold Call Opening Line

SALES SCRIPT EXAMPLE USED BY COLD CALL DOOR TO DOOR CANVASSERS IS INSTRUCTIVE… as to what NOT to do. Hi, I’m Mike, this is Frank from didn’tgetthename company, we have an alternative to UPS that saves money…. A bad, bad opening cold call line THAT CREATES THE VERY RESPONSE THEY WISH TO AVOID. Read a […]

Crafting Your Prospecting Sales Scripts: Key Issues In First 3 & 30 Seconds

Fact. People think 10X faster than you can talk. That means while you are yapping, they have time to think, ponder, evaluate, doubt, disagree, and form judgments about what you are saying. If you give them things to think about or doubt, guess what? Their minds will be thinking or doubting and not focusing on […]

Master Core Sales Script Paths Before Preparing for The Lunatic Fringe

Need help getting new BDR’s confident on the phone and using the best scripting? This article offers you a key tip to get BDR’s productive asap and minimize new rep turnover. Common sense tells us your team will not respond well to less common situations unless they first master the most common situations Master your […]

The “Too Salesy” Sales Script Trap Costs You.

When you try to be everything to everybody you are nothing to everybody. When you try to call everybody nobody listens. “My manager doesn’t believe in scripts” said a smart hard working rep getting too few results to me recently. “You mean your manager doesn’t believe in preparation or planning and organizing the best words […]

Appointment Setting Script That Gets No Interruptions

– No interruptions when delivering appointment pitch. – 2-3 appointments a day. It’s nice to hear about good results. A loyal reader and customer of mine left a comment on a blog post about a script he created that gets him 2–3 appointments a day and has virtually eliminated interruptions. Interruptions had been a big […]

Sales script secrets “they” don’t want you to know

Thought I would pass on some sales script truths, rarely mentioned, as they are uncomfortable, go against what the herd wants to believe, contrarian but true, and involve reps changing behaviors they would prefer not to change. 1. It is not what you know about your prospect that matters. What your prospect thinks you might […]

Inside Sales Scripts: To Ask Questions or Not to Ask Questions? That is the Question.

What is the purpose of a sales script, or a sales conversation for that matter? One thing only. To accomplish its business objective. Period. Nothing else. Many seem to think that the purpose of sales scripts and sales conversations is to “build rapport,” “get them talking” or “not sound like a telemarketer.” To those who […]

Just Want a Sales Script?… Two Hours That Makes All the Difference.

Let me share a “script preparation” tip that is key to words that work. A simple thing that most people won’t do and it costs them big time. Your word selection is important, but a “good script” that works, is not just a matter of magic words on paper. Those words have to relate to […]

4 Sales Script Tips You Can Use Today to Improve Results

Here are 4 specific script strategies to get value from go no-where calls you can use today. Simple things that take virtually no time can do great things for your prospecting results. I really think that it is the last 2% of your effort that can generate 50% or more of your results. If you […]