Effective sales script credibility statement examples

There is one mistake I see commonly that absolutely cripples your ability to be effective with cold calling outreach to book B2B sales appointments. The lack of an effective credibility statement. In fact, the lack of any credibility statement at all. Ouch. Table of Contents Credibility statements improve B2B lead generation results How are your […]

Write better B2B sales scripts, emails, voicemails and stuff

It takes more effort to speak to someone. It takes more touches to get their attention. You have to prospect more and more people to get the same result. When you do get someone’s attention, it will be just for a few seconds or a glance before they decide. Will they stay or will they […]

Sales Script Suicide. 3 Ways to Choke Success

3 COMMON STRATEGIC SCRIPT MISTAKES THAT COST YOU APPOINTMENTS, ACCOUNTS, REVENUE AND COMMISSIONS. 1. YOU MAKE IT EASY TO BE LUMPED IN WITH IDIOTS. Your suspects say “no” to almost everybody. Most people who call are not very good at it and waste their time. Do what most other callers do and your suspects assume […]

Sales Script Preparation: Writing Your Benefit Statements.

Writing your sales scripts benefit statements.This is the holy grail of writing sales scripts that sell. You must quickly communicate value.If you communicate value, you can mess up a lot of things and still win. Value breaks down doors. Confession time: While I was studying for my PhD in cold call appointment setting, I managed […]

Cold call opening lines that boost sales appointments

Sales script example used by door-to-door canvassers teaches us what NOT to do. This is a true story. Two office to office canvassers walked into my office unannounced. Two young men all spiffed up in suits and playing the role. While I was at my desk focusing on a project, they approached me with big […]

Appointment setting B2B objection handling: Overcome buyer blow-offs

Let’s assume that you are an appointment setter and that your B2B appointment setting, set more discovery call efforts have some traction. You are now seeking to improve upon your conversations to booked meeting ratio. Your concern should not be how to overcome objections from those that have no needs and will never buy. Your […]

Appointment setting sales scripts: How to end when they say no

I am going to share with you a short sales script that makes no logical sense, yet delivers qualified opportunities again and again with almost no extra effort. But first, some realities of high-level B2B lead generation. Reality #1: The odds of you connecting with a buyer on your first round of calls is slim. […]

Cold calling script tips checklist for B2B appointment setting

1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says, “Whoa, I will listen to this.” If your prospect feels it’s a waste of time, your chances of success plummet. So, if you work hard to get a quality prospect on the phone and start with “How are you?” […]

Appointment setting B2B sales script secrets “they” don’t want you to know

Thought I would pass on some sales script truths for B2B appointment setting, rarely mentioned, as they are uncomfortable, go against what the herd wants to believe, contrarian but true, and involve reps changing behaviors they would prefer not to change. 1. It is not what you know about your prospect that matters. What your […]

Proven sales script (with analysis) for B2B appointment setting

• Proven appointment setting scripts that work format and examples.• The Pro and Con of This Phone Sales Scripting Format.• Three Reasons why a “Good Sales Call Script” Won’t Save You A proven model sales script for appointment setters to set more sales appointments and discovery calls. At the risk of simplifying, let me share […]