6 Keys to Sales Script Cold Call Opening Line

SALES SCRIPT EXAMPLE USED BY COLD CALL DOOR TO DOOR CANVASSERS IS INSTRUCTIVE… as to what NOT to do. Hi, I’m Mike, this is Frank from didn’tgetthename company, we have an alternative to UPS that saves money…. A bad, bad opening cold call line THAT CREATES THE VERY RESPONSE THEY WISH TO AVOID. Read a […]

13 Tips to Improve the Quality of the Prospecting Sales Scripts you Use

1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says “Whoa, maybe I should listen to this.” Once those seconds have ticked away, and your prospect’s brain thinks “waste of time,” your odds of success plummet, no matter how good you are or how much you might help them. […]

7 Self-Sabotaging Sales Script Choices

When you get decision-makers on the phone, are you interrupted, cut-off, hung up on or quickly hear “We are all set”, “Send me some info” or something else that represents phone frustration. The truth is that many times YOU are the cause of those problems. Yes, YOU!! You choose words and a script structure that […]

Crafting Your Prospecting Sales Scripts: Key Issues In First 3 & 30 Seconds

Fact. People think 10X faster than you can talk. That means while you are yapping, they have time to think, ponder, evaluate, doubt, disagree, and form judgments about what you are saying. If you give them things to think about or doubt, guess what? Their minds will be thinking or doubting and not focusing on […]

Why You Need to Write Gooder Scripts, Emails, Voicemails and Stuff

Are you snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Let me throw a few statistics at you. Seemingly unrelated but give me a moment. It takes 18 dials on average to connect with a buyer. (My rule of thumb always has been 9 – 12 dials.) This number is moving up, and it is no […]

Inside Sales Scripts: To Ask Questions or Not to Ask Questions? That is the Question.

What is the purpose of a sales script, or a sales conversation for that matter? One thing only. To accomplish its business objective. Period. Nothing else. Many seem to think that the purpose of sales scripts and sales conversations is to “build rapport,” “get them talking” or “not sound like a telemarketer.” To those who […]

Sales Script Preparation: Writing Your Benefit Statements.

Writing your sales scripts benefit statements. This is the holy grail of writing sales scripts that work. You must quickly communicate value. If you communicate value, you can mess up a lot of things and still win. Value breaks down doors. True confession: When I was earning my cold call appointment setting PhD smiling and […]

Sales Script Preparation: Your Credibility Statement.

If there is 1 missing link in losing scripts, 1 mistake I see commonly that absolutely cripples your ability to sell over the phone, it is this: The lack of an effective credibility statement. In fact, the lack of any credibility statement at all. How do they know you are more worthwhile than the other […]