Cold calling top producers are more focused than all the rest

There is a difference between top cold calling sales producers… the mediocre… and those treading water. It seems that the mediocre producers… have all read the same memo. The memo says that you should never quit, keep calling, go meet everybody because anybody could be your client. Don’t even try to distinguish the best prospects […]

8 B2B Appointment Setting and discovery call truisms

8 Truths of B2B Lead Generation and setting discovery calls. These are mostly stupid simple and obvious. #8 is the most important. I recently finished up a training series with a national sales team. VC funded. Kicking butt of better-known competitors. Accelerating what most would consider to be high-growth already. It was our last session, […]

Half Of B2B Lead Generation Success Is 90% Mental

Are you or your sales team setting B2B sales appointments? Getting your mindset right gets you most of the way there before you make a call, write a script, or leave a voicemail. An effective sales leader, or a top 10% sales rep, sees the big picture and understands the key drivers of what will […]

Discovery call success: 14 key drivers

The aim of a discovery call is to reach mutual agreement on working together with a qualified buyer. Here are 14 discovery call concepts that are key to getting there. 1. The 2% difference gets the close. To meet buyers’ needs, we must identify their motivations and concerns to encourage action. At the end of […]

B2B Lead generation: Your most important decison

If you are involved in B2B lead generation, today we discuss the most important decision you need to make, and why you should ignore the 95%. Video transcript lightly edited Let’s go back in time, it’s my first big time appointment setting gig calling executive VP’s and CEO’s of companies with at least 1,000 employees. […]

Sales words & phrases to ban with B2B sales prospects

Every sales team should ban these five words/phrases. If a member of your sales team utters these words, treat them as you would pejoratives, slanders of your mother, and insults to your honor and integrity. If you are a sales leader you should never hear them, sales prospects should never hear them and they should […]

Voicemails, cold calling and callbacks: A message for you

Let’s Review Some Voicemail Basics,Then Analyze a Voicemail Script, Phrase by Phrase (below) Bulletin: Very few people who listen to a voicemail will return the call. How insightful. Some will, and we want every word we select to encourage that. However, immediate response is not the only purpose of a voicemail. The voicemail functions as […]