Top 13 traits of top sales producers

Top 13 traits of top sales producers They plan questions rather than presentations. They play a longer game, prioritize larger strategic sales rather than quick hits. They get to business quickly and spend little time on small talk. They ask questions with impact related to the result sought, rather than unfocused time-stealing questions. They resist […]

Tough Times and Sales Shakeouts: 9 steps to outperform competitiors

If you own a company, or are a CEO or sales leader, there are certain moments of truth. During such moments, what you do or don’t do NOW, will largely determine where your company or sales team sinks or swims. What are the differences between the companies that did not survive or survived weaker during […]

Winning sales scripts – Top 10 core drivers

You can’t craft great scripts unless you adopt some core principles about what makes a successful script. Here are 10 core drivers of script success. 1. People don’t trust you. Communicate credibility. Don’t hype or exaggerate anything. Be straight forward and factual. 2. Words you choose must be more powerful than gravity. Economic buyers get […]

Nonconformist sales strategy choice of top performers

What will you stop doing in 2024? That is the most important decision you will make. Top performers make different strategic decisions than non-top-performers. If you are not a top performer, yet determined to rise to the top in 2024, you must start by choosing a different path than most around you. You will not […]

B2B lead gen: Ignore the 95% and the most important decision you will make

If you are involved in B2B lead gen, today we discuss the most important decision you need to make, and why you should ignore the 95%. Let’s go back in time, it’s my first big time appointment setting gig calling executive VP’s and CEO’s of companies with at least 1,000 employees. My background had […]

Sales script swear words? Why I did it / three lessons

I’d like to share a true story about the time I baked swear words into a set the meeting script. [Video view time 3 min 15 sec with transcript] This story illustrates three points. You must have a process. You must stick to your process. But you also must know when to break the rules. […]

Set more discovery calls: 3 rules [2 min 50 sec view time w/transcript]

Hey everyone, this is Scott channel author of Sell the Meeting, Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting and Finding Ideal Clients. Today, let’s review three rules to set more discovery calls. One. Seek to activate, not implant . Two. What your prospects think you can do for them matters. What you know about them does […]

Discovery call success: The six Cs to ka-ching [3 min 4 sec view time]

[Video with transcript lightly edited] Hi, this is Scott Channell, author of Sell the Meeting and Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting. A discovery call is an opportunity to catch money in motion. To close more often, you need to be mindful of what I call, the six Cs for discovery calls. Conversion. Continuity. Credibility. […]

2024 discovery call calibrations [ 2 min 34 sec view time]

Hello all, 2024 will soon be upon us and I commonly hear two things this time of year from sales teams that start their sales process with a discovery call. First, beginning of the year is when a lot of their prospects make decisions. Second, those that need more discovery calls, don’t typically begin their […]