What prospecting problem do you have?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Same applies to prospecting. You can do many things right, but one weak link ruins everything. I see people who are doing a lot of things right, more than they know, yet getting little results. If you don’t know what prospecting problem to fix, you […]

FOMO is killing your lead generation

This is a tough love article. Fact: Your fear of missing out is killing your lead generation. 3 keys to avoiding this trap below. When it comes to prospecting, too much FOMO leads to… NEGLECT of your highest probability-highest value prospects. MISALLOCATION OF RESOURCES (Time and money,) into low-probability and lottery ticket land. WATERS DOWN […]

Tough Times and Sales Shakeouts: 9 steps to outperform competitiors

If you own a company, or are a CEO or sales leader, there are certain moments of truth. During such moments, what you do or don’t do NOW, will largely determine where your company or sales team sinks or swims. What are the differences between the companies that did not survive or survived weaker during […]

Appointment Setting Fulcrum. Before the script…

Every job has its aggravations. With me it’s the frustration felt when people call up and say “I just need a script.” It’s frustrating because in terms of getting the results they seek, a “good script” should not be the first thing on people’s minds. When scripts are focused on first, prerequisites to having a […]

Thoughtless prospecting: Focus on doing, before thinking.

Lead gen that sputters is typically not the result of lack of effort, activity, or capability. Sputtering prospecting is typically the prioritization of doing over thinking. Sometimes it is the matter of a few hours, or a few weeks invested in thinking, that multiplies the odds of success of your prospecting efforts. Before you try […]

Do sales right, right now. Be willing to get uncomfortable.

The #1 reason why sales reps are performing below potential… … an unwillingness to face uncomfortable truths. There can be no sales improvement without discomfort. Top performing reps and organizations want to get to the truth, right now. One of the top distinctions I have noticed about top performing organizations and individuals, is how open […]

Get Out of the Hamster Wheel. 4 Low Level High Result To-Do’s

4 surprising strategies for drastically different sales results. Most people work very very hard. Most people reap results far below their abilities and efforts deserve. If your thought is that you will work harder yet essentially do more of the same… and expect vastly different sales results… you have already lost. Here are some tips […]

10 core drivers of Script Success

You can’t craft great scripts unless you adopt some core principles about what makes a successful script. Here are 10 core drivers of script success. 1. People don’t trust you. Communicate credibility. Don’t hype or exaggerate anything. Be straight forward and factual. 2. Words you choose must be more powerful than gravity. Economic buyers get […]

Discovery Calls & Appointment Setting B2B. Top 10 “Scottisms” for Success

Success in scheduling discovery calls and appointment setting B2B, Lead Generation and sales prospecting all boils down to some basic core principles. Over the years of smiling and dialing and helping sales teams to do the same these core principles have been embodied in “Scottisms.” Stupid simple sayings that capture the essence of appointment setting […]