Cold Call Scripts Upgrade Keys Podcast

Would you like a quick overview of how to upgrade your cold call scripting?Maybe some ideas to upgrade your whole get in the door process?

In this interview, conducted by Tim Martin of, we touch upon the crucial element most commonly missing in scripts (credibility,) along with the importance of "bumping" into someone at the right time (you engineer the timing of that bump,) and why burning the few crucial seconds that are most determinative of whether you will reach your business result with commonly accepted niceties is just plain dumb.

In addition, if you are a reader of these notes you will get a refresher on concepts you are already familiar with: the rule of 7, not making it easy for them to lump you in with the idiots, how value knocks down doors, how "everything has changed" yet the drivers of sales success have not changed and why you can't out-nice the competition.

Listen to this 35 minute interview. If you are working with 1099 sales teams read more about Tim Martin below.

If you are responsible for recruitment, retention, and productivity of 1099 sales teams I strongly suggest you reach out to Tim Martin of Tim had a stellar career as an executive sales leader in the voluntary benefits world and consistently beat records for 1099 sales rep productivity, recruitment and retention in multiple environments.

He has a proven system and now works in multiple industries helping to improve 1099 sales team results. I highly recommend you speak to him.