Cold calling, diminishing returns and knowing when to stop

Do you cold call a lot of people that don’t pick up? Don’t respond? 

Is voicemail driving you crazy?

There is a common underlying cause of these problems. 

Knowing when to stop. Having the discipline to let go.

This one minute tip explains why cold calling beyond your point of diminishing returns is death in the B2B outbound lead generation business.

Transcript lightly edited

[00:00:00] When people talk to me about issues, I’m getting too many voicemails. Nobody’s returning my call. I can’t get anybody. You know what the, the real cause of that is? You’re not talking to enough new people.

Meaning that you don’t have good flow. So you’re talking to the leftovers. You’re talking to the people who you’re not going to reach.

Again, you’re talking to the people. They’re not playing ball with you. There’s only so many people that are reachable. And who will be receptive if you reach them.

You So, you know what? If you’re, if you’re not talking to enough people, many, many, many times. It’s not a matter of your technique.

It’s because ultimately, you know what? You don’t have flow.

You’re talking to the leftovers again and again and again, and the way you solve it is, I call it, bring fresh meat into the funnel every week, okay?

You know, and keep that flow going. So, uh, biggest thing you have to learn to do is to let go.

That if you don’t have a good understanding of what your [00:01:00] point of diminishing returns is, it is a death in this business.

And it’s a cause of, probably the biggest cause of your frustration because you don’t know when to let go.