Companies and individuals hire me to fill their pipelines.

More qualified appointments faster and at less cost.
More conversations with the right people, better conversion of those conversation to substantive next steps, and how to conduct first meeting and discovery calls to improve sales closing.

They bring me in when..

* They need an experienced hand to guide them to new tactics and systems that will swell thier pipeline. They want energy, focus and someone who will be very direct. (The most common compliment I get is that I am no fluff and very direct.)

* Sales productivity is not where it should be or there are warning signs on the horizon.

* Concern that the team is short circuiting best methods to close grade A accounts. The result is too many smaller accounts, with tighter margins and higher churn rates.

Leadership is looking for experienced outside perspective on business development, coupled with ability to accurate assess what needs to be done and can guide on the strategies, design, deployment and implementation of new behaviors that will meet company goals.

Clients use me in various capacities:
– Conventional custom sales training: Assess, design, deliver, guide and help implement.
– Company/individual sales and marketing turnaround situations.
– Business development “consigliere,” rent a sales leader or VP sales and CEO mentoring.

Contact me at 978-282-5600 to discuss your situation.