Sell The Meeting
Sales Script Sprint

Punch up all your scripting.
Communicate your full value and credibility.
Book more discovery calls.

Starts May 5, 2022

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Scripts For Appointment Setting
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A 2016 course. 750+ students.
Often less than $15

Sell The Meeting Master Course

If your sales process involves a qualified sales appointment or discovery call, this course is an A-Z roadmap taught by someone who smiled and dialed his way to set 2,000+ C-level meetings in diverse industries. Your instructor, Scott Channell, learned by doing, making mistake after mistake and testing, testing, testing to come up with a system that works.

This course is based on the top selling book “Sell The Meeting” by Scott Channell. (See Amazon for reviews.)

Format: Content is organized in the order you would work if building a program from scratch. You choose what you need. Lessons are between 2 and 7 minutes and supplement the module field guides. You can zero in on the lesson you need.

Monthly live group deep dives on selected topics with an ask me anything session. These deep dives are recorded and available for your viewing anytime.

  January Deep Dive: Script writing: Rock your credibility and differention.
  February Deep Dive: Call process: From 1st call to see ya later.
  March Deep Diver: Objection perfection: How to respond to resistance, stalls, blow-offs.