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Fully Communicate Your Value And Credibility. Meet More Qualified Prospects.

3 Cyles Of Critique And Review Of Your Scripts

Access To First Video Lesson: Wednesday, April 1, 2020.
First Live Interactive Group Session: Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Hi, it's Scott Channell and I'm inviting you to attend our upcoming craft your sales scripts jumpstart program. You will leave with scripting that has been critiqued and reviewed three times by me. You will punch up your value and credibility messaging and be able to set more sales appointments or discovery calls with high value prospects.

I will guide you through the scripting process, provide plenty of examples and provide you 3 recorded critiques and reviews of your messaging.

Many are losing opportunities they could have had. They missed out, not because they were not the best option. But because they failed to communicate sufficient reasons to meet up-front. So they never even got to the table.

Sadly but true. Many companies and salespeople are sitting on things they could be saying to get to the table, but they are not using them.

You will collect all top verbiage you could use to get in the door. Then, you will use that "pile of words" to craft messaging that will get you a meeting, rather than hearing "we are all set."

We designed this "jumpstart" to  help you craft solid scripts and messaging within 30 days, so that you can start securing meetings and discovery calls that your current messaging fails to deliver.

Scroll down to learn all about the class, and click "Register Now" to place your refundable deposit to lock up one of the 8 spots available.

Expert Sales Script Development And Messaging Training PLUS Hands-On Help

Sales script jumpstart is all about actually crafting your scripting and messaging, using it and getting more lead generation results. We are there to support you every step of the way. We will teach you everything you need to know plus you'll get expert one-on-one coaching from me with three recorded critiques and reviews of your scripts.

There are 4 sessions of recorded video trainings (provided weekly.) You will start by receiving an in depth sales script scorecard analysis with a rating given for each critical component part of your current messaging and scripts. Each week there will be a live group session to supplement the recorded session (20 minutes) and answer your questions (40 minutes.) Your scripts and messaging will get 3 rounds of recorded critique and review from me. Plus, when those four weeks of training are over, you will get four weeks of Email coaching from me. You write, I answer. You get a total of 8 weeks of training and coaching access by video, live sessions, critiques and email.

The class is limited to 8 students due to amount of personal attention given to each student.

Class starts Wednesday, April 8 and lasts 4 weeks. You get 4 weeks of email coaching access after that.

The class is 100% online, the recorded trainings can be viewed at your convenience and as many times as you wish. The weekly live group supplemental training and Q & A session is also recorded and available to you if you can't attend live.

The 3 cyles of script crititique and reviews are scheduled at mutual convenience and will be recorded and sent to you .

At the end of the class you will have full scripts paths developed that ooze credibility, value and differentiation that will enable high-value prospects that are going to write a check to you or a competitor (a competitor for sure if you are not there) to conclude you are worth some time.

Week 1

Preparation is the key to effective messaging.

When you bump into a "buyer," someone that will write a check to your or a competitor within 3 - 15 months, does your messaging separate you from the crowd and enable "buyers" to conclude that you are worth more time. If it does, you earn a seat at the table. If it does not, your competitor will get the check. Not because you are not the best option, but because you were not there. Your messaging wasn't powerful enough to get you in the door or in a phone meeting.

You will brainstorm all verbiage that will communicate:
What you do.
Value delivered.
Your crediblity.
Benefits you typically deliver.
What a prospect would get at a meeting worth their time even if they don't hire you.

Plus, you will support this with:
Ear candy.

All of this is written down and placed into a "pile of words" for effective scripting. In this session you get samples and examples to stimulate your thinking and a guide to fill in your most important verbiage.

Plus, we will peek ahead and dissect sample "sell the meeting" scripts, so that you see how your "pile of words" is fully leveraged.

Week 2
Script Drafting

In this session you review samples and examples of these key scripts.

  • How to identify the decision-maker
  • Sell the meeting
  • Voicemail
  • Email

You will do a deep dive into the structure of these scripts and using your "pile of words" draft and revise your drafts of these key scripts.

Emphasis will be on the clarity of your message, your value, your credibility and whether your scripts will be different enough to impact a buyer, someone who is going to write a check to you or one of your competitor's in the next 3 - 15 months.

You will learn to craft scripts that are different and impactful.

If your prospects have a need you can fulfill, your words will enable a qualified buyer to conclude you are worth some time.

Week 3
Disqualify, Objections and "No"

Now that your core scripts are taking shape and your "pile of words" is complete you need scripts to qualify, disqualify (so you don't waste time on non-buyers,) respond to objections and... and... and... learn the key question you must ask when a qualified prospects says "No" and then "no" again.

Three Objection Response Structures

You don't need to script and master 30 responses to objections. All forms of resistance are some form of "all set / have a vendor we love," "send some info" or "call back." You will review samples of these and draft what is suitable for you. Once your core responses are set, it is easy to respond to whatever is thrown at you. You will stick to your agenda (sell the meeting,) without pushing back on what is said, and give prospects a reason to meet consistent with their objection.

Qualify and actively disqualify

Yes, you need to qualify. Know what you need more? To actively disqualify. Would you rather identify the worthless on the first call or the 10th? Your choice. To qualify and disqualify you need a script sequence which extracts key information so that you can properly classify by worth, prioritize and knock-out the low-value and no-value before you waste a ton of time.

When they say "no" and "no' again.

This just might be the most valuable 10 minutes of the training. What do you say when you get shut down? What do you ask that turns a dead end call into a committment to meet with an active buyer? An active buyer you would not known about if you did not ask this question. So simple it is dumb. But over a few short months it will life your prospecting results by 20% to 25%.

Week 4
Final Punch Up.
What To Avoid. Beyond The Script.

Punch Up The Value

As we head into the home stretch emphasis will be on clarity and communicating value with as few words as possible. How to punch up what you have written. Dig in hard to communicate your points faster and eliminate every word you can.

What To Avoid

Fortunately, we are not reinventing the wheel here. It's as important to know what NOT to do, as it is to script effectively. Sorry to say there are a lot of common potholes and bad habits that self-sabotage success. Yes, I say self-sabotage as many that have the ability, the value, the credibility and the proof to boot, make common mistakes that robs them of opportunities that could be in their pipeline. You will know these common missteps and avoid them.

Beyond The Script

Solid scripting that communicates your value, crediblity and sufficient reason to meeet is only one part of a total lead generation plan. You can have "great scripts" but if other components of a successful lead generation are not in place or subpar, your "great scripts" will not save the day. Here we review the other components of a successful appointment setting or schedule the discovery call effort so that you know what to focus on next.



The Buyers Are Out There
They will buy from someone else if you are not there.

Skip the trial and error, frustration, wasted time and losing out
on opportunities that could be yours.
Want to be invited to the table rather than hear "we are all set?"
Be prepared, use the language most calculated to get you in the door and
avoid "phrases of shame" and unselling meetings you would have set.

So, Here Is Your Chance.

To craft step-by-step all the core scripts you need
to be more successful in new business development.

I will lead you through your script creation process and critique your progress every step of the way.

Your scripts will be specific to your opportunity, your market, your experience and skills. You can have top producer scripts and be communicating value and benefits that will resonate with those ready to buy.

In the hard earned mere moments where a great qualified prospect future account is trying to decide if you are worth a meeting, you will say the things that enable that great future client to conclude that you are worth the time.

With the four workshops and the action guide you will get all the key drivers of scripting success and model scripts to follow. You can draft your own scripts and resubmit them for critiques and suggestions.

You will start with an in-depth phone script scorecard analysis.
Four 1-hour video lessons.
Four live group interactive sessions.
Two of my books.
3 reviews and critiques of your draft scripts. Recorded.
4 weeks of email access and coaching when class sessions have ended.

If you are not, or your team is not, fully communicating your value and credibility so that qualified prospects "get it" and can conclude you are worth more time, you will get the personal attention and expertise to jumpstart your scripting.

If you are missing out on too many opportunities due to close decisons that did not fall your way as buyers did not grasp your value, this intervention can make the difference. In 30 days.


Format & location: LIVE, online. Virtual meeting with screen sharing and personal interaction.

Dates: Your first video lesson can be accessed on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. An additional lesson will be released every week, one week prior to the live supplemental materials and Q and A session for that lesson.
Live interactive group sessions will be held on Wednesdays, April 8, 15, 22, 29. 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. These live sesssion will include supplemental material to the lesson (20 minutes) and answer your questions (40 - 60 minutes.)

In-depth Script Scorecard Analysis: You will start by having your current scripting reviewed with a rating given for each script, each key component and your scripts overall.

Script Samples, Examples and Guide: You will receive plenty of samples to review when building our your "pile of words" and drafting yoru scripts for review. Guide walks you through how to compile your scripts step by step.

3 Script Reviews and Critiques: You draft your scripts. When you are ready you submit it all for a critique and review, scheduled at a mutually beneficial time. Can be recorded. After the first critique you lick your wounds and when ready, schedule another. When the 2nd is done. Your go back and tweak and when ready, we do a final review and analysis.

Four weeks of Email coaching: The last class is Dec 4. After that you have four weeks of email coaching with me to get questions answered and comments on your scripts.

Books: You will get a copy of both my "7 Steps To Sales Scripts For B2B Appointment Settin" and my new book "Sell The Meeting: Set Discovery Calls & Sales Appointments To Close New Accounts." Paperback books will be sent to US and Canada enrollees, unless Kindle is preferred. International attendees will get Kindle versions unless other arrangments are made.

Time commitment: You will have four 60-minute video lessons to review (one each week) online at your convenience. The four live group sessions are 60-75 minutes (as long as there are questions,) and will be recorded and available to you if you cannot attend live. You will have to draft your scripts, then redraft them, as often as it takes for you to be satisfied. Do not take this class if you are not certain you have the time to draft your scripts. The 3 critique sessions are one on one with me, Scott Channell, scheduled at mutual convenience and typically are 40 - 75 minutes in length. For those willing to dig in and get their scripting in shape to sell more meetings, this is a unique opportunity to work with an expert.

Workshop size: There is a 8 student maximum due to amount of individual attention.

Investment: $1,495. You reserve a seat with a $99 refundable deposit. We will schedule a 15-minute consult to answer your questions. If we both determine it is a good fit and you want to move forward you finalize your enrollment with payment of the balance.

Is This Right For You?

In general, Sales Script Jumpstart is a good fit for you if:

  • Your sales process includes a discovery call, demo or in-person appointment.
  • You are managing a team which needs to "sell more meetings."
  • You are an individiual rep that can close a deal with a qualified prospect.
  • Your math is such that as few as 10 - 15 meetings with your closing percentage would pay for this training multiple times over.
  • You feel that you, your team, are losing too many opportunities to close decisons.
  • You want to feel comfident that you are fully communicating your value.


The investment for Sales Script Jumpstart is $1497, and here is a recap of everything you are getting:

  • 4 online sales scripting video classes. Watch on your schedule as often as you wish.
  • 4 live group interactive sessions for supplemental material and questions. (recorded and available to you anytime.)
  • An in-depth phone script scorecard analysis to start.
  • 3 script reviews and critiques 1-on-1 with me, Scott Channell. Recorded.
  • Script samples and examples guide to use as models for your drafts.
  • Copies of my two books.
  • 4-weeks of email coaching

To reserve your spot we require a $99 refundable deposit.

Remember, sales script jumpstart is limited to 8 attendees because of the intense amount of person attention given to each student.

If you feel this may be for you or benefit someone in your company, we recommend you place your deposit today.

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Here's What Happens Next

Once your place your $99 refundable deposit, we will contact you to schedule a brief 15-minute consult with me, Scott Channell.

During this call I will answer any questions you have about the class, listen to what results you seek from the class and discuss whether the class can help you.

After we speak on the phone, if we both feel it is a good fit and you want to move forward, you will finalize your enrollment by paying the balance due.

If you decide not to enroll in the class, for any reason, we will refund your $99 deposit.

There is no risk to reserving a seat with a $99 refundable deposit. 
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Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund Policy

First of all, your deposit is refundable. So if you are not accepted into the class, you will get your $99 back. And if you are accepted into the class, you're covered by our money-back guarantee.


If by the end of the first session online you are dissatisfied for any reason or less than 100% confident that this is for you, simply let us know. You will receive a prompt courteous 100% refund – no questions asked.

So you can start the class, experience the first week, jump into the materials, review my books and if for any reason you feel this may not be for you or the timing is wrong, you will have up to the end of day on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 to let us know and you will receive a full prompt courteous refund. You can even keep the books with my compliments.

If this could help you move your prospecting needle or lift the results of your team, there is no risk to reserving a spot right now.

Click the button below to reserve a spot now with a $99 refundable deposit.

To Your Scripting Success!

Scott Channell


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