Scott Channell's CRM Layout for B2B appointment setting

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I used ACT as my CRM for more than 20 years. Below is a sample layout for B2B appintment setting. Below that is an previous layout.

Effective appointment setting is far more about strategy, resource allocation and the “how” of reaching your goals. Those that emphasize scripts and activity levels and don’t focus enough on the efficiency with which callers can work, and your ability to code, segment and prioritize records by potential worth, recency of inquiry, vendor status and other factors are doomed to fish where there are few fish.

Any CRM user can pick up some ideas from this to improve call efficiency and better allocate time to those most likely to buy. If you or your team are wading through a lot of crappy records you cannot fix that by making more dials.

Note the following on these layouts.

  • How all info on status and what needs to be done on a call is immediately visible by the caller when they open the record. No bopping among multiple pages and scrolling around to figure out what is happening and what to do.
  • How similar info is organized together so that at a glance you can size up what to do.
  • How info on revenue range, employee size, what they do, key info and what they have requested is right in your face.
  • Continued below
  • How the fields and drop downs are organized so that you can focus on records by potential worth (more time with those more valuable, no time or less time with those less valuable) date of inquiry, stage of the sales process, more.
  • What you are not seeing here, but what ACT and any decent CRM/contact manager will enable you to do is to sort by multiple fields. So if you want to prioritize your top potential worth records with contracts expiring in the next 3 months you can do that. You should be able to “slice and dice” your records to zero in on any subset of records in your database you wish.
  • Contact me if you wish to tweak up your layout so that your team can work more efficiently and you can better allocate lead generation dollars to where it will do the most good.
  • Hope seeing these layouts gets you thinking

Older ACT Layout