Call Reluctance Cure. What To Do If You Have ADD (Avoid Dialing Disorder)

What To Do If You Have ADD (Avoid Dialing Disorder) And Would Rather Eat Glass Than Pick Up The Phone.

Dear Dr. Scott:

I don’t know what to do. I am sales professional in a position with great potential. My co-workers are making money. Competitors are making money. People dumber and lazier than me are making money. I am great in front of customers and can get deals closed, but have a problem I am ashamed of. I am afraid of the phone. I freeze at the thought of picking it up. When I do pick it up, my confidence disappears and I babble like an idiot. What should I do Dr. Scott? This one thing is keeping me from earning a much higher income. My kids need shoes. Help me.

Please write back. Don’t call.

Dear PhonePhobic,

There is good news. Many have suffered from your malady and lived to excel at selling. This is not fatal.

At the deepest level, your anxiety is caused because subconsciously, deep down… let me be gentle here….. you know you stink at it and are wasting your time.

You don’t want to start because you know you will torture yourself…. people avoid you, you burn in voicemail hell, you wrestle with those who protect your prey – and lose every time, people cut you off, say “no” and call your mother names. The way you are working and approaching it, you know you will get no results, so your condition, known as ADD – Avoid Dialing Disorder, kicks in and keeps you from earning the higher income you deserve.

If you have the sales skills, and it sounds like you do, then you have to acknowledge that if others are doing it, you can too.

Your ADD condition is disorienting you. You are almost for sure calling the wrong people. You are disorganized. You don’t have the benefit of working a call process. When you do get a decision-maker on the phone, with your ADD, you don’t know what you are saying. You use too many words, your words don’t have impact on who you talk to, they say “no,” and you get very very sad.

Worse than that, you are in denial. I bet you say to yourself things like “I know who to call” and “My industry is different.” The first step to a cure is to admit you have a problem. Confess it. What you are doing is not working, and you have to change. Stop clinging to beliefs that are not working for you. Open your mind up to new ideas. Be willing to change. Embrace some new strategies.

Stop clinging to self-sabotaging beliefs about prospecting and appointment setting. Find out where you are going wrong.

Get organized and work a process. No more random calls. No more haphazard efforts. You need to work a plan to earn the money you deserve.

Speak with impact. Those who open doors to potential big accounts say things in a certain way and within a certain structure to project a value, which makes top-level decision-makers, want to trade their time to receive. Even when they hear “no,” these door openers know what to say to get a meeting sooner rather than later.

There is hope. You can learn these things.

Know how to follow-up automatically and have a Plan B. Sadly, many ADD sufferers think that it is all about the phone call. They have shut themselves off from knowledge about how to get value from no’s and unreachables, how to get no’s into their pipeline at a lower level, how and when to integrate other marketing tools into their prospecting process.

Cruelly, many ADD sufferers… capable able salespeople who have the ability to open doors at big opportunities and close those deals, will suffer for years, denying themselves higher incomes and happier workdays, just because they won’t take the cure. They will continue to waste hours and hours EVERY WEEK, rather than to spend just a few hours ONCE, to get organized and most productive.

PhonePhobic, the cost of the cure pales in comparison to your pain. What would just a few more good appointments a month do for you? Ten a month or more? If you have a sales team, what would increasing their door opening ability do for you?

Would you spend less than $20 for relief?

Would you spend less than $200 for an all-encompassing regimen you can administer yourself?

Would you spend less than $1,500 for intense personal therapy with an expert who will personally guide you through every step, cure you and get you productive within weeks?

It only takes a few weeks to recover. After all, this is just ADD, not brain surgery. Just apply proven concepts and strategies, like many others before you have done, and you are on your way to the income you deserve.

Be strong. Best wishes.
Dr. Scott