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If Your Sales Team Works a Multi-Step Sales Process And There Is No 2nd Meeting There Will Be No Check

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Hi, this is Scott Channell and I’m inviting you or members of your team to attend our upcoming LIVE master class about how to conduct first sales conversations. Whether it is a discovery call, face-to-face sales appointment or demo, securing the 2nd and additional appointments if necessary, are essential to moving toward a close.

Having a superior solution and being a perfect fit for a great prospect is no guarantee of a solid next step in your sales process. Most of us have experienced that truth.

This “Conducting Discovery Calls” intervention is structured to increase the conversion rate of first sales conversations in 30 days. You or your team members will get great prospects deeper into your pipeline, rather than have too many vaporize after the first call.

Read on to learn what these sessions will do for you or your team. Then click “Register Now” to reserve one of the ten available spots.

Turning more first sales conversations into a solid second conversation is where many have the greatest impact on increasing closing ratios. Many “great prospects” that would see improvements with your offering never seriously consider you, because they didn’t see the value of a second meeting.

You cannot “sell” a complex offering or major change or a high-ticket item in one conversation. Trying to do that, is one of the most common reasons why great prospects vaporize or fade way mumbling generalities about timing, budget or going in another direction.

14 Ways To Say “I Don’t Get Your Value And Don’t Believe You Are Credible Enough.”

Timing isn’t right.
Don’t have budget / Costs too much.
Not enough experience in our industry / Won’t work in our industry
We are different.
Call us back in six months.
Going in another direction/ with a competitor.
Sticking with current situation
The economy concerns us.
Too busy, not enough time.
Just send us more information.
Boss won’t get back to me.
Boss decided to go with a competitor.
Let me get back to you.
Prospect vaporization: When your calls and emails don’t even get the courtesy of a reply. Ouch!

All too often, what they really are saying is, “I don’t get your value, It’s not clear to me that you can help us, I don’t think you are worth more of my time.”

Many times, what great prospects are telling you is that they are not convinced you are worth more of their time.

It’s a shame to lose great prospects at “Hello.” But that can be changed.

  1. Why You Should Listen To Me
  2. Today’s Environment Compels Attention To This Step.

1. Why Listen To Me?

For 23 years I have been an expert on setting C-Level appointments and discovery calls. Before I started teaching others, I smiled and dialed my way to booking more than 2,000 sales meetings in diverse industries. I have experienced all the changes from the pre-internet face-to-face meeting days (On many projects I would be putting salespeople on planes for meetings) to today's increasingly email driven over the phone and web “discovery calls.”

In a book the meeting environment, you need to make an impact within the 30 seconds of a phone call and must gain a commitment for a meeting/discovery call in less than 3-5 minutes. All this with a top decision-maker who has probably never heard of you or the company you represent.

To gain that commitment you have to choose your words very carefully. They are dying to dismiss you for the slightest reason, and you have mere moments to communicate sufficient value and credibility to be worth additional time with a busy top decision-maker. Don’t mind saying that I am pretty damn good at crafting messaging and writing scripts. I understand the psychology of these interactions, what the core principles are to secure a first sales conversation and what acts of self-sabotage and sheer stupidity to avoid.

I wrote two books on these topics. Just search “Scott Channell” on Amazon to see them. My Sales Scripting Book For Appointments was on Amazon's list of top “sales and selling” books for three years. So I know a little about wordsmithing.

Over the years, as my clients increased the number of qualified meetings booked, many realized that too many great prospects would vaporize or mumble generic excuses for not continuing after what my client felt was a “great meeting” with a prospect that would benefit a lot with their offering.

They were losing them at “Hello.” They would ask me to help.

It is from those experiences that this course arises. Just as there is a structure and do’s and don’ts of structuring short interactions and choosing words that will book that first sales conversation or discovery call, there is a structure and do’s and don’t’s of conducting those first conversations so that “great prospects” are panting to schedule the next call or meeting with you.

Companies see great prospects slip away early, not because they weren’t good enough, but because they did not enable that great prospect to conclude that another discussion made perfect sense. To conclude that if they didn’t spend more time that they might lose out on a vendor that could do the most to improve their business condition.

2. Today’s Environment Compels Attention To This Step

It Costs a Lot of Time and Money to Book These Calls

Whether you are cold calling, emailing, wise calling, being fanatical or predictable, doesn’t matter what sales development playbook you are working from, the bottom line is that obtaining these first sales conversations costs a lot of money. The cost of a good BDR, CRM, list, training, supervision and more adds up to a significant sum

To invest those resources and see great prospects fade away quickly simply due to some lack of organization, some verbiage preparation and the lack of a better understanding of the dynamics of these interactions so that you can get the most of the limited time that is tick-tocking away is wasteful. All that time and money spent to get a meeting with great prospects and see them fade away due to the lack of a small marginal effort is a shame.

Not Being Your Best At This Step Costs You a Lot More Than Money

The greatest loss for companies is not money wasted; it is opportunities lost.

Do the math. What would even a 5% improvement in moving first sales conversations deeper into the pipeline do to your sales volume and bottom line? If your closing ratio is 25% for those that take the 2nd meeting, you will close one additional account for every 75 discovery calls booked. If your closing rate is higher than 25% or, if you improve more than 5%, you will close even more.

What is the size of your average sale and margin contribution? What would even a small improvement at this step add to your bottom line?

Forget the layups, pay no attention to the tire-kickers, but focus on getting more great prospects that are balancing on the fence to fall in your direction.

When I was booking 2,000+ C-Level meetings, I had a vision. The decision-maker I was speaking to on the phone was balancing on a fence. With a slight breeze, they would fall on to the “We are all set, call me back, go nowhere” side. But if the wind blew the other way slightly, they would fall into the “Let’s meet” side. The only things we have to work with here are our brains and the words we say. I envisioned the words I said as the slight breeze that would, if they were strong enough, would have great prospects fall onto the “Let’s meet” side.

That is what this course is about. Forget the layups that are perfect for you and get your value right away; those are a given. Forget also the tire-kickers, no matter what we say they won’t agree to meet again, and they would not be worth it if they did. Fahgettaboudem.


A. The commercial

It is here that you frame the discussion, set the agenda, orient to your strengths, relate credibility, and if you have any weaknesses - you get in front of them. You always end with your first question.

You will review and dissect model opening statements that achieve these purposes. Your draft statement will be reviewed and critiqued so that you get it right.

B. The questioning stage

Top producers prepare questions, and follow-up questions. The rest prepare presentations.

You sell by appealing to the needs and wants of qualified prospects. Not what you think their needs and wants are or should be, but by their actual needs and wants.

You extract the specifics of their needs, wants and buying criteria with carefully selected and specifically crafted questions. You will review a long list of questions and select/modify those that will help you extract what you need.

C. Finding out what it will take for a prospect to buy? To change?

You are competing against “doing nothing.” You are trying to finish a nose ahead of other competitors. You are trying to dislodge an entrenched vendor.

Even if you offer a superior solution and the price is right, you are competing against all the other initiatives competing for your decision-makers time and money. Being better does not get you the business if the benefit you bring is perceived to be less substantial than other projects. You must find this out.

D. Securing the 2nd meeting or an acceptable solid next step.

Ever have a “great meeting” where you run out of time, and it’s “gotta go,” and let's get back in touch. That cannot happen. You must leave time to secure a solid next step, and do all the things that leave prospects anxious and very much wanting to schedule it.

You will learn what acceptable next steps are and how to secure them.

Let me tell you what is not an acceptable next step.

Your people and my people will be in touch. Nope.
You do a lot of work, and I’ll do nothing, and then we will meet again. Nope.
You invest a lot of time preparing a proposal without a clue as to whether it will be accepted or not. Nope.

These are not acceptable results. You will know what your acceptable next steps are and how to build the foundation for them.

Other Concepts Covered In These Lessons

The 2% difference often gets us the close. You will learn to extract specifics from the buyer so that when push comes to shove at the end, you have that 2% difference to win.

Proposals should be confirmations, not explorations. If you believe that, and you should, that means you must discuss the major issues and have a strong sense that what you will propose will be accepted.

How to increase doubt about lower-cost competitors without directly knocking them.

How to showcase your strengths with specifics and examples.

How to minimize weaknesses. You must “head off at the pass” common causes of doubt about working with you. Lingering doubts = no close.

Too much time spent on situation questions or features in the early stage is a common form of self-sabotage. You will learn what is enough, and what is too much and counterproductive at this stage.

You extract more specifics that will enable you to win in the end. Your questions and more importantly your follow-up questions, extract the details that enable you to win. If you don’t dig deep, you are less likely to extract the difference.

Managing the clock. These first sales conversations are on average 30-60 minutes. The clock is ticking. You have certain foundation steps you must cover to move forward, and you need to have time in the end to secure the best solid next step.

How the Course Works

- The investment for this intervention is $1,495. There is a multiple attendee discount.

- Four sessions of LIVE online workshops and Q&A sessions. (Can’t make a session, don’t worry, you will have immediate online access to every session.)

- Worksheets for each part of the process: the commercial, questions, communicating value and credibility, securing an acceptable next step, will be reviewed and critiqued for you. Resubmit as many times as you wish.

- Two recorded discovery calls you or your team has conducted will be critiqued. Send us the audio; you will get back written comments and suggestions.

- Three months access to the video recordings.

- 8-weeks of unlimited email access.

- Two hours of 1-on-1 consulting time with Scott Channell.

Enrollment is limited to 10 attendees due to the amount of personal attention given to each student.

If you wish to attend, we suggest you reserve your spot today.

Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund Policy

You have a double-dip guarantee of satisfaction.

First, you can attend the entire first week of class with no risk. If you determine this is not for you, for any reason, you will receive a 100% refund of your investment with no questions asked.

Second, after the first week, if you decide this isn’t for you,  just let me know, we will discuss, and I will guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the result.

This Course Is Right For You If:

You or your team use a multi-step sales process.

You launch your sales process with a discovery call, face-to-face meeting or demo.

You typically have multiple meetings or interactions with a prospect before obtaining an account.

Scheduling these initial meetings requires major effort and expense.

Considering your closing ratio, typical size sale and margin contribution, even a small improvement in moving first sales conversations deeper into the pipeline, would reap significant bottom-line rewards.

If just 3, 4 or 5 prospects fell onto the “Let’s meet again” side, rather than the “I’ll think about it and get back to your side,” that would typically earn you a new client that would earn your investment back multiple times.

Register Now and stop the loss of opportunities that should be yours.

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