Discovery call success: The six Cs to ka-ching [3 min 4 sec view time]

[Video with transcript lightly edited] Hi, this is Scott Channell, author of Sell the Meeting and Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting.

A discovery call is an opportunity to catch money in motion.

To close more often, you need to be mindful of what I call, the six Cs for discovery calls. Conversion. Continuity. Credibility. Closing. Close decisions and Choices.

1 Conversion: In order to earn that business, the first meeting must lead to a second meeting, then more, or there will be no deal.

It is at that first meeting that you must uncover the true needs, concerns, doubts, fears and specifics that lay a solid sales foundation, then build on it, to keep the prospect engaged in future interactions.

2 Continuity: From phone call (or email) to discovery call to 2nd , 3rd meeting to agreement, there must be what feels like a natural cohesion or flow between interactions and narrowing of issues.

3 Credibility: Remember, there is no value to be found without credibility. We might be “right” and the “best” choice, but without the perception of credibility, no one accepts it. They don’t trust you.

So weave in sufficient stories and proofs to communicate credibility and earn trust.

4 Closing: Closing is not an event, it is a process. Closing should feel like a normal and natural result of meaningful conversations, rather than a “win.”

5 Close decisions: It’s rare that we win new business by a mile. More likely, it is a close decision. We need to be at least 2% better than other options, including doing nothing.

It is in your early discovery calls that you extract the deep concerns, doubts and specifics that will provide you that 2% difference at the end.

Remember, you most influence the close in the early stages of the relationship, not the end.

6 Choices: Do not limit your thinking to demonstrating that you are better, in your eyes anyway.

Sales evaporate when great prospects are unable to choose among competing options.

Make buying easier for them, by helping to clarify the differences among alternative approaches.

So there you have it. What I call the Six Cs for discovery call success.

Hope this has helped. Find more information at Scott Channell with 2 t’s, 2 n’s and 2 lls, dot com. Good luck.