Discovery calls: How to maintain a conversation in motion

Discovery calls are about capturing money in motion.

To capture money in motion, you must maintain a conversation in motion.

That requires continuity, credibility and closing.

CONTINUITY: In order for a phone call or email to turn into a discovery call which flows to more conversations, continuity is required.

CREDIBILITY: There is no value found to be worthwhile without credibility. We can be “right” but without credibility no one accepts it.

CLOSING is not an event, but a process. The end result is a confirmation of understanding such that “agreement” seems like a normal result of conversation with a  purpose, not a “win.”

What is the goal of a discovery call?

Increase the odds that a qualified and desired buyer with recognized needs would reach mutual agreement on working together.

FACT: How the early stages of your sales process are conducted most influences closing. Not the ending stages, the early stages.

Winning more close decisions is the difference between discovery call success and mediocrity.

Think hard about why someone who is a fit, has needs you can fulfill, and you are a major upgrade to their present option, may fail to grasp that you are an option worth exploring.

Here are 12 considerations to maintain conversation momentum during and after a discovery call.

  • Think building blocks
  • Each step in the process is a block solidly placed
  • Know which step you are working on
  • Complete each step before moving on
  • Don’t skip steps
  • Goal is to lay a proper foundation for the highest solid next step attainable
  • You want the prospect to be genuinely enthusiastic about maintaining the conversation
  • Most new business results from 4 – 6 interactions. We must find the momentum toward meeting 2, 3, etc.
  • If there is no meeting after the discovery call, there is no new business.
  • We must earn the next step by finding the momentum.
  • Keep your eye on the clock. Do not run out of time at the end of a conversation to reach agreement on a solid next step.

Know your acceptable next steps. Focus on reaching agreement on the highest acceptable next step.