1.Discovery Call/Appointment Setting Reset Program.
2. Ongoing Implementation & Coaching Guidance.
Scripts Done For You.

Sell a meeting, you have a chance to sell a new account.
No meeting? No chance to sell a new account.

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    Discovery Call Reset Program

More net new business with improved lead generation
and/or "first meeting" conversions.

  • Your total discovery call process reviewed top to bottom. Setting them. Conducting them.
  • Review and critique all current program parts
  • Is tech setup to maximize efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Does your core messaging communicate a sufficient reason to meet or move to next step?
  • Every necessary script and objection response reviewed
  • Are you coding and segmenting for best results?



    • Emails reviewed
    • Your total call process documented
    • Ideal client personas reviewed
    • Follow up process documented
    • Definitive plan of action and scripting prep done for you
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      Ongoing Implementation and Coaching Guidance

    Execute the reset plan created with expert guidance and coaching access.

    If you’re looking to get new reps productive asap or you would like to give your veteran team a stimulus of strategies and specific steps that can immediately implemented, this simple and affordable Live Teleconference or Web-Based Training Program might be the perfect solution for you.

    Many smaller teams and divisions have found this to be an effective way to get their team to improve their day to day processes and punch up their value and credibility communication during prospecting calls and prospect interactions very quickly and without breaking their budget.

    4 Tele-sessions of 50-75 minutes.

    6 hours of follow-up group coaching.

    10 copies of the book “Sell The Meeting”.
    10 copies of the book “7 Steps to Sales Scripts.”

    60-days of unlimited access to Scott Channell for one designated leader to facilitate implementation.

    This program emphasizes implementation and improving behaviors. Emphasizes execution, follow-up and accountability.

    $3,995 for first 3 participants. $695 for each additional participant (up to 10 people).





    $3,995 for
    first 3 participants.

    $695 for each
    additional participant.

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    and Model Agenda
    For This Program

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      Scripts Done For You

      Here is your chance.
      To have all your appointment setting discovery call scripts written by an expert.
      If your messaging is not conveying sufficient reason to meet and you know there are plenty of reasons why a qualified prospects should meet with you rather than the competition,let's chat. Investment range: $2,500 - $25,000