Education/Master Classes

These in-depth classes combine four live online workshops
(recorded for replay) with a step by step action guide,
two hours of 1-on-1 personal coaching and
8 weeks of email access for questions, script reviews and critiques.

Accountability: Send a team member to one of these programs and program includes a
pre-program and post-program review of expectations and results with
Scott, the attendee and the attendee's supervisor.

Craft Your Sales Scripts Jumpstart. Better Scripts. More Meetings.

Craft Your Total Sales Script Paths From "Hello" to "OK, I'll Meet." Receive 3 rounds of 1-on-1 script critiques. Recorded. If you have the sense that you or your team can do better at the critical moment when a qualified prospect decided if you are worth more time, take a look at this program.
Don't miss out on opportunities due to words not said.

How To Set More B2B Discovery Calls

Clone your best accounts by generating more worthwhile discovery calls and first meetings. Covers sales scripts, call process and key steps to improve quality and quantity of first sales appointments. Presented by Scott Channell.

Conducting Discovery Calls: Don't Let The First Meeting Be The Last

Having a superior solution and being a perfect fit for a great prospect is no guarantee of a solid next step in your sales process. This “Conducting Discovery Calls” intervention is structured to increase the conversion rate of first sales conversations to solid next steps. Your team works hard to get these meetings. Be prepared so that more move deeper into your pipeline toward close.