Small Team
10-day Accelerator

Boost team results quickly.
Punch up scripts, improve call process, prioritize lists.

Program includes manager consult, agenda review and approval, 75-minute live webinar customized for your team needs. Recorded. Includes books.

10-days from start to presentation.
5 BDR/rep max. $995. Contact us.

Is Personal Coaching For You

If you are a manager... what would be covered, how much time would it take, what reasonably could be expected for results given your situation and size of your team?

If you are a rep or BDR... what impact could there be on your income/productivity? The answer depends on your skill set, upside potential of your situation, motivation and ability to implement change. Why not find out?

Contact us for no obligation consult

Appointment Setting B2B
Total Process From A-Z

You may need more discovery calls and not know where to start. Maybe you have maxed out your personal contacts and network and need to reach new targets. Or, your team needs to reset and improve productivity. Let's talk.

Sales Scripts
Written, Rewritten, Punched Up

Craft Your Total Sales Script Paths From "Hello" to "OK, I'll Meet."
Your opening, objection responses, voicemail and gatekeeper interactions.
Communicate credibility, benefits, value and differentiation.

Conducting Discovery Calls/
First Sales Appointments

If Your Sales Team Works a Multi-Step Sales Process And There Is No 2nd Meeting, There Will Be No Check. Enable great prospects to recognize your value and be enthusiastic about the next step.

Marketing Strategy, Tactics Implementation & Projects

There is massive client disruption occuring right now due to covid and the economy. You want to survive, thrive, and pick up market share from those that don't make it or are too weak to compete.  Those that emerge from economic uncertainty with more market share do the following: secure the business they have now, develop new markets, plug their gaps, leverage their efforts, have extreme clarity about target markets and get moving now. If you need help achieving this, let's talk.

Team Training

Small Team Group Coaching

Customized / Clear action plan / Starts on-site / Playbook / Online reinforcement / Ongoing implementation coaching.

Think “Team Training Option” delivered remotely.
Fast start. Highly interactive.

"Unlimited Access" Personal Coaching

Perfect for CEO’s, owners, VP’s, sales managers and very motivated salespeople.
Unlimited phone sessions both scheduled and “on-the-fly.”
6-month, 3-month, 30-day options

  • Speaking/ Training

  • Consulting/ Coaching

  • Fractional Sales Management

  • Sales/Phone Script Paths

  • E-Learning

Keynote / Sales Meeting Speaking
Sales Script Critiques
Sales Process Audit & Analysis
Blended Custom Programs and Bulk Purchases

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