Whomever Can Handle The Most Change Will Survive And Emerge Stronger
In The Recovery Than The Remaining Competition.

When the recovery starts there will be fewer competitors and more weaker ones. Those that take decisive action NOW to be ready will gain market share against weaker competitors. Those that chose to wait to make improvements and be ready to compete will know the recovery has begun when they see competitors signing up clients and accounts that could have been theirs.

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Completed And Delivered Within 30-Days

Would it help to have crafted all the core scripts your team needs to be more successful in booking more b2b sales appointments and discovery calls? Scripts crafted by a top expert on B2B appointment setting phone scripts?

The scripts crafted will be specific to your opportunity, your market and your experience and skills.

These scripts paths will be "done for you," but not done without your help and input. Request info for details.

You can have top-notch custom sales scripts consistent with top producer structure and impact verbiage within a few weeks. You will also avoid the common mistakes and self-sabotage that weigh down hard working salespeople.

You can take a look at my books "Sell The Meeting" and "7 Steps to Sales Scripts," available on Amazon to see some examples and get a feel for the principles that the scripts crafted for you will adhere to.

You will get scripting for all the common scenarios your team faces. Where appropriate these scripts may have some variations.

Management will get a “Sales Playbook” complete with all recommended scripts. This management playbook will also include

recommendations to guide implementation and accountability.

You will also get a sales rep guidebook for implementation. This rep guidebook will include forms that help management determine who is making an effort, who is prepared and who is winging it (aka wasting time and your money.)

Your scripts will effectively communicate an “exchange of value” over the phone that gets you a meeting.

These scripts will:

Avoid phrases of shame and things commonly said that are death to you.
Include a “pile of words” with your best impact verbiage.
Your value communicated effectively.
Your team will differentiate yourself from other callers.
You will learn “super” words you must use.
An identify the decison-maker script.
A “set the appointment” script.
Gatekeeper interaction scripts.
An Interaction that qualifies and increases the odds that you will speak to your target.
Your voice mail script.
An Email “touch.”
Craft responses to the three most common objections. The rest are easy.
And a bit more.

Fee range: $2,500 - $10,000

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Team Training

Small Team Group Coaching

Customized / Clear action plan / Starts on-site / Playbook / Online reinforcement / Ongoing implementation coaching.

Think “Team Training Option” delivered remotely.
Fast start. Highly interactive.

"Unlimited Access" Personal Coaching

Perfect for CEO’s, owners, VP’s, sales managers and very motivated salespeople.
Unlimited phone sessions both scheduled and “on-the-fly.”
6-month, 3-month, 30-day options

  • Speaking/ Training

  • Consulting/ Coaching

  • Fractional Sales Management

  • Sales/Phone Script Paths

  • E-Learning

Keynote / Sales Meeting Speaking
Sales Script Critiques
Sales Process Audit & Analysis
Blended Custom Programs and Bulk Purchases

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