Whomever Can Handle The Most Change Will Survive And Emerge Stronger
In The Recovery Than The Remaining Competition.

When the recovery starts there will be fewer competitors and more weaker ones. Those that take decisive action NOW to be ready will gain market share against weaker competitors. Those that chose to wait to make improvements and be ready to compete will know the recovery has begun when they see competitors signing up clients and accounts that could have been theirs.

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  • Relationship Strategy Plan
  • B2B Sales Appointments: Meet With More Active Buyers
  • Sales/Phone Scripts That Sell
  • Your First Meetings/Discovery Calls Create More Clients
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A How To Create And Maintain Relationships
With Ideal Clients Blueprint

100% No Risk Full Satisfaction Guarantee

“Strategy without tactics is slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu from “The Art of War.”

Theory is when you know everything, but nothing works.
Practice is when everything works,
but no one knows why.

In this business, theory and practice combine:
nothing works and no one knows why.

Do any of these issues exist in your business?

♦ You seem to be attracting too many less than ideal clients

♦ You feel like a commodity and price is too often an issue

♦ Your efforts are not getting the traction needed

♦ You are reluctant or not certain how to move forward

♦ You deal with overwhelm by putting off decisions while competitors gain

♦ You would like to increase the odds that the bet you place (how you decide to attack) will be a winner

The answers to these problems are not found in any one “new thing” or just tweaks to what you are doing now. These are strategic problems and only strategic solutions can solve them.

When you develop a business development strategy that is right for your sales objectives, your team will:

⇒ Attract more ideal clients that pay your value and renew.
⇒ Highlight your points of differentiation from competition.
⇒ Identify the most profitable and consistent ways to attract new business.
⇒ Understand the cause and effect relationship of your choices
⇒ Confidently take action and stick with efforts that would work with focused execution

What a strategy first engagement is:

Think of strategy as making a bet on a plan to compete: after consideration of all reasonable options and making informed judgments about the costs and the most likely contribution of each to grabbing the brass ring. This plan of HOW you are going to get there – aka strategy - paired with a logical set of tactics, is the surest route to more net new business.

Strategy first thinking forces you to think proactively and objectively about each tactic you might use.

With the proper strategy, more stuff works. Think of strategy as the link between intent and sales action. A solid strategy must come before selection of tactics or sales effectiveness takes a serious hit.

Without proper strategy

  1. You end up with activities that do not move you forward in the marketplace, over and over again.
  2. Time and money resources are allocated without adequate investment return.
  3. Less worthy competitors are signing accounts that should be yours, simply because they are working a better strategy.
  4. If you use a flawed strategy, or no strategy at all, what you do doesn’t work. Plus, you are likely to abandon efforts that would deliver results if you just dug in and focused on execution.
  5. Little time is spent on sales effectiveness issues. When time or money runs low, activity levels and working harder, not smarter, seem to be the only option. The death rattle begins.
  6. Without the right strategy, sales training and coaching dollars are often wasted. You end up putting lipstick on a pig. Your team is trained to work harder within a strategic environment that hinders success.

This intervention can bring data to disparate executive opinions and a salesreps tendency to confuse market realities with what happened on their last few sales calls

At the end of the process you will have a clear direction for standing out and attracting ideal clients with a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy.

Let’s grow your business the right way.
With a strategy first engagement and your 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Take the next step to consistent business growth with a “Strategy First” blueprint.
Review the specifics and get your questions answered.

Fee $2,000 - $7,500. Process takes 3 – 5 weeks and involves three meetings with you and your team.

Why the full satisfaction guarantee?
I’d rather lose a little time than start a project that is not mutually satisfactory.
I only want to work with ideal clients.

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Once the strategy first blueprint is complete, it’s time to implement the tactics
and make the changes agreed upon.
Below are general descriptions of three common options.
Specifics are customized to you. Inquire about details.

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  • Speaking/ Training

  • Consulting/ Coaching

  • Fractional Sales Management

  • Sales/Phone Script Paths

  • E-Learning

Keynote / Sales Meeting Speaking
Sales Script Critiques
Sales Process Audit & Analysis
Blended Custom Programs and Bulk Purchases

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