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More net new business with improved lead generation and/or "first meeting" conversions.

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See Group Coaching #3 Below.

* Plus travel and accommodation expenses for onsite session


Onsite Speaking & Training


Remote Group Coaching & Mentoring


Sales Process Audit & Analysis


Custom programs & Bulk Purchases

You are responsible for a P&L and delivering a certain level of gross profit.
Your solution must impact the bottom line and engage your sales team.

Your challenges may be two-fold. Improve the coaching of your team and provide them with practical step-by-step strategies that can be implemented with trackable results.

You can have the best tactics and strategies… specific to your situation… delivered in a way that your current sales team and future hires can learn from again and again and again.

Specific scripts, organizational methods, responses to resistance, questioning strategies and more that leverage your strengths… all this and more can be delivered to your sales team starting within 30 days.

If more sales appointments and better conversion of those first meetings into solid sales opportunities would help you… you are literally just weeks away from seeing improved results.

These are not “canned talks.” I will interview members of your management team and anyone you think will contribute insight necessary to accomplish your business objectives for the meeting. I will review your background materials, sales literature, previous training guides and any other “stuff” you think would be helpful. The examples and situations discussed will be “real world” for your audience and gleaned from my research and interviews.

50% of the fee is due to reserve a date. Balance due at time of arrival for presentation. Reasonable pre-approved travel, accommodations and ground transportation are additional to the speaking fees. Single payment savings and an all inclusive flat travel fee options available.

Cover the same ground as the onsite program via phone or web. With follow-up.

If you’re looking to get new reps productive asap or you would like to give your veteran team a stimulus of strategies and specific steps that can immediately implemented, this simple and affordable Live Teleconference or Web-Based Training Program might be the perfect solution for you.

Many smaller teams and divisions have found this to be an effective way to get their team to improve their day to day processes and punch up their value and credibility communication during prospecting calls and prospect interactions very quickly and without breaking their budget.

4 Tele-sessions of 50-75 minutes.

6 hours of follow-up group coaching.

10 copies of the book “Setting Sales Appointments”.
10 copies of the book “7 Steps to Sales Scripts.”

60-days of unlimited access to Scott Channell for one designated leader to facilitate implementation.

This program emphasizes implementation and improving behaviors. Emphasizes execution, follow-up and accountability.

$3,995 for first 3 participants. $695 for each additional participant (up to 10 people).


Remote Group Coaching & Mentoring

If you know things have to change but you are not certain of what needs fixing or where to start,, this option may be a great help.

You may need to start by assessing and objectively looking at the current sales process. If so, I can help you identify what is and is not working with your current sales lead generation, sales prospecting and closing strategies.

This intervention will Identify barriers to achieving growth in sales and suggest tactical actions to align your sales process with corporate objectives.

I can quickly evaluate the steps of your sales process, and find where improvements can lead to increased revenues.

This is not an academic exercise to be conducted over many months. Many would be better suited for that.

This gets done within weeks. Let’s have some challenging, sometimes uncomfortable conversations about current sales systems and how to improve them. We look for what I call “no-brainer” and low hanging fruit actions that have a disproportionately leveraged impact on results.

Review and analysis may include an onsite visit or be done remotely. Let’s discuss.


Custom Programs & Bulk Purchases

Contact us to discuss customizing or combining training options. Bulk rates available for books, online training access and large group programs. Please inquire.