How Mike Got Cold Calling Up To Speed

How Mike…. who was singing the woe is me, my market is so competitive, everything is price driven, I can’t figure out how to communicate my value blues…

…turned it around and got his prospecting up to speed.

Once upon a time there was a hard-working schmoe named Mike.

Very knowledgeable, knew the ins and out of his industry, knows how to deliver a project on time and avoid the mistakes that cause delays and cost overruns. With many years experience in his industry he had a lot to offer.

But he hated to prospect. Hated it. And felt like he really didn’t have much different to say in an extremely price driven competitive market.

He was stuck. Couldn’t motivate himself and was falling further behind.

So he called up his guardian angel Scott and asked what to do.

His benevolent angel gave him a tip that ended up shaking him out of his funk.

Call up your current good accounts and people you have done business with previously and do three things.

1. Ask them why they selected you over the competition and what you did that they appreciated or made a difference to them.

2. After you ask them that… shut up. Don’t say a word until they are done talking.

3. When you think they are done ask them, “Is there anything else?” Keep asking that until they are finished. Do not say anything else… not one word… until they are done.

Since Mike wasn’t calling prospects, he figured he would do that. What he discovered totally changed his attitude.

His clients and previous accounts said many things he would not have thought of and didn’t consider very valuable. They said so many good things he was inspired and wrote his benevolent angel a note.

“Hi Scott –

I’ve gotten up to speed by taking your advice on some things. Somewhere along the way you told me to write out my benefits… so I put some time in on weekends/nights on ’14 Ways to Squeeze a _____ Budget.’ It certainly can use some editing, but it makes the point that there is validity to using someone like me rather than just going out for bids.

Prior to doing this I felt like I really didn’t have much to offer people and I believe it affected my contacting. By writing it all out I’ve found ways to express the methods better, and with some conviction, when I do talk with people about their work. I also loaded this stuff on my website. I’d like to possibly work some of the sections into the contact faxes down the road.

I’ve turned this into a small booklet and worked it into prospecting. People like getting something for nothing.

Mike “

He wrote out all the benefits discovered from those calls and decided to write a booklet to use as his hook or grabber. He rewrote his scripts to have more punch, more specifics, more benefits meaningful to his targets. It’s making a difference.

The booklet he put together is great and is the beginning of his Plan B offer and a great way to solidify a first meeting.

The process of writing out his benefits and calling his clients gave him the specific copy he needed to be successful prospecting.

Now Mike has great powerful scripts that are doing the job.

He has a great little booklet that is having a big impact on getting new accounts… big accounts.

He makes info and strategies available so that he is more of a resource and separates himself from the lowest price (not necessarily the lowest cost) mob.

He is now motivated and getting it done believing he has something truly different and valuable to offer.

The moral of the story… hard working schmoes treading water can turn things around by seeking help, asking the right questions and taking action.

Best wishes for great selling,
Scott Channell